LifeStyle Relationships Robert Pattinson could pee in his brand new Batman...

Robert Pattinson could pee in his brand new Batman suit


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The comments of other actors who have played the superhero led to modifications to the new wardrobe

Robert Pattinson.

Photo: Francois Durand for Dior / Getty Images

Although a few months ago the actor Christian bale, who brought Batman to life in the acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy conceived and directed by Christopher Nolan, did not hesitate to advise his successor Robert Pattinson to make sure to stop by the bathroom several times before donning his brand new superhero outfit, now the director of the new movie about the masked vigilante, Matt reeves, has revealed that the protagonist of the film finally had no need to be so far-sighted.

As can be seen from the talk given this weekend by the director on his way through the convention DC Fandome, Batman’s new costume was expressly altered so that its wearer could ‘relieve himself’ relatively easily and quickly, basically as soon as the 34-year-old British interpreter felt the call of nature in the middle of the filming of the film, whose first trailer has been published a few hours ago in the virtual sphere.

The idea of ​​incorporating a kind of fly at the last minute, as revealed by the aforementioned Reeves, came precisely from the recommendations provided by Christian bale, who apparently also spoke at the time with Ben affleck, in charge of playing Bruce Wayne in the last two films about the DC film universe, about this type of setbacks linked to the costumes.

“One of the most important topics that Robert talked about with Christian Bale was precisely that. Bale told him that it was very important that he could work without that kind of pressure, that he could relieve himself frequently. That’s why we made changes to the costume, to make it easier to put on and also so that Batman could live as a normal human being “, has explained Matt reeves.

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- Advertisement -Robert Pattinson could pee in his brand new Batman suitRobert Pattinson could pee in his brand new Batman suit

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- Advertisement -Robert Pattinson could pee in his brand new Batman suitRobert Pattinson could pee in his brand new Batman suit

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