Robertone: “In the locker room you feel that we are strong”

Lucas Robertone

Last season he barely played fourteen games as a starter in the league. In the second of him with the rojiblanca, but already as one of the captains of the first team, Lucas Robertone is a pillar in Rubi’s plans. The midfielder has recovered from various injuries during the course and now wants to enjoy signing the goal set by Turki Al-Sheikh in August 2019. To do so, he relies on the mental strength of the red and white dugout, without any relaxation in the previous hours to the promotion game.

Photo by Lucas Robertone

Shield/Flag Almeria

– 90 minutes from glory, do you see it close or still far away?

One comes with the euphoria or this illusion that previous dates could have been given mathematically, but it did not happen and that little step is missing from this match to achieve that promotion by winning, even if other results are given.

– Will it be an advantage not to have to depend on other results?

In football depending on oneself is very important so as not to have to wait for other results, the position is privileged, being leaders. If we do things well as we have done up to now, with confidence, we will meet our objective.

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– Do you think that the nerves could cause the legs to shrink?

Once the team enters the field, they are calm because they know that they have been doing things well and they have not scored against us in the last four games. At one point we hit hard and we must continue on this path.

– El Alcorcón is relegated, but has the hallmark stamp printed by Fran Fernández.

Beyond the fact that it is already relegated, we must respect any rival because they will come to fight to win it despite no longer having a sporting objective. In this division nothing is easy, even if we are first and they are last.

– Are they mentally as good as they appear?

In the dressing room you feel that we are strong. It is the best thing that can happen to us at this stage, arriving without doubts, nerves or fears.

– Will you be able to sleep on Friday?

Generally I have anxiety and nerves during the week because of the importance of the match, but the day before or during the concentration I like to rest and sleep, I have no problem with that. The support of the whole city is felt, we see ourselves reflected in them and also they in the team. That gives us strength to face the last two games.

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– Samu is not satisfied only with the promotion, he says that he also wants to finish champion.

Without a doubt we want both things, I think like Samu and surely any player you ask him. We are leaders and we will go for everything trying to win these two games.

– Is it good to emphasize that matches are not won at halftime?

The team has found the moment to strike in the second half, going 0-0 at the break due to the spaces that are opening up and the offensive quality that we have. Until 90 you have to be calm. We have fought and suffered a lot. In those moments of suffering in each game, the team knew how to overcome it and it is one of the keys to having that number of points.

– Do you see any signs of relaxation in the locker room?

Zero. The team is the same as the first day of the preseason, it’s something incredible. It seems normal that some would relax, but no, we are confident, excited and eager.


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