Robertson: “It will be incredibly difficult against the most successful team in the Champions League”

Robertson: "Será increíblemente difícil contra el equipo más exitoso de la Champions"

With the FA Cup still tied to his left arm, Andrew Robertson (28 years old) attended Diario AS in the mixed zone at Wembley, the stadium where Liverpool won their second title of the season, after the Carabao Cup. one more…”, dropped the Scottish left-back, one of the Reds’ great threats in the Champions League final in Paris, where they will face Real Madrid.

Photo by A. Robertson

QUESTION: After winning the second title of the season, do you consider yourself the best team in Europe?

RESPONSE: I wouldn’t say that. We have won two domestic cups, which are a special feeling because in previous seasons we did not do well in these tournaments.

-What do you say to your fans?

We thank the fans for all the support. It’s amazing what they did at Wembley. We know that they love going down to London and this year they have done it three times, and in all three we have won.

-A few days before the final in Paris, what do you think?

Honestly, I haven’t had much time to think about it. We have two great Premier League games and we go game by game. But the final in Paris is always there, everyone wants to ask about it. It’s going to be incredibly difficult against the most successful team in the Champions League, we’re looking forward to the challenge but we’ll focus on it after the Premier League.

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-The confidence after the FA Cup title?

It is incredible to take a trophy in your hands but when you play for this club you know the aspirations you have to win a title. We have managed to take two this season and hopefully we will take one more.

-How do you see Mohamed Salah?

That’s a great question. I think it’s okay, I think it’s okay, but we’ll have to see.

-To what do you attribute Liverpool’s ability to recover from blows?

It’s a bit of everyone, the coach and the players. We have worked during the pre-season to recover for these types of occasions, such as the FA Cup final. We are delighted.

-How do you face this end of the season?

We are excited, there are three games left and we have already won two trophies, we have another final on the way and we are close, but not too close to the Premier… we are playing for all the titles, which is where you want to be. It’s exciting to win titles in front of our people and let’s hope this continues.


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