Rodrygo, in AS: “My first goal against City changed everything”

Rodrygo, con la bandera de Brasil sobre el césped del Bernabéu.

It was his night. Rodrygo’s ‘Goals’, as many madridistas already call him (his last name is Goes) after his historic double against Guardiola’s City, three weeks after the saving goal against Chelsea at the Bernabéu, the sanctuary of miracles in this unique Champions League. As soon as the game was over, this 21-year-old boy, who seems touched by the gods of football, put a Brazilian flag on his back and posed happily and unashamedly with the happy fans who cheered him from the stands.

“Now I understand the myth of the Bernabéu on European nights”


“These fans are incredible. After the nights with PSG, Chelsea and City, we youngsters have understood the reason for the myth of the Bernabéu in European nights”, confesses to AS just a few hours after the most important game of his successful professional career. Rodrygo surrounded himself with the people he trusted and went to the De María restaurant, where he barely had a bite to eat before the massive request for photos and autographs. The fact is that he was not so clear: “Let’s be honest. In the 89th minute we didn’t see a third miracle possible and in our heads we saw ourselves almost out, but my goal came and that changed everything…”.

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The Bernabeu. ‘RodryGOL’, as his compatriot Marcelo baptized him in a tweet that he posted in the morning while saying good morning, lives in a cloud. When he signed for Madrid at the age of 18, he imagined being acclaimed one day by this stadium: “These fans are incredible. When I scored my first goal, the Bernabéu blew us away. Before that goal I never would have thought that I could be the hero in this game, but after the draw everything was very fast and special”.

“My three goals against Chelsea and City are for the team’s work”

Rodrygo Goes, Real Madrid player

His key goals in the Champions League don’t make him lose perspective: “I know that my goal against Chelsea and the two against City have helped us reach the final in Paris, but I wouldn’t have achieved it if it wasn’t for the collective work of the whole team. Here, if we win the 14th it will be because of the work of all. We are very united “.

The displays of affection and support for Rodrygo have been constant. Santos himself, his lifelong club before coming to Madrid, proudly uploaded a photo of him with Pelé, both wearing the shirt of the canarinha. Real Madrid itself was also very affectionate on its networks and posted several images of the Brazilian. He responded with an image of himself after the match and the crowd’s favorite chant: “How could I not love you!”

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Rodrygo's photo

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

And Rodrygo once again recalled the key to the Champions League matches in the sanctuary of La Castellana: “Ninety minutes at the Bernabéu are a long time”.

In a month, Rodrygo has won over the few fans who still doubted his worth. Ancelotti has used him as a revulsive, but his great games against Osasuna and Espanyol venture more titles. Rodrygo is prepared for everything. Even to be the hero in Paris on 28-M.


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