Rosalía sweeps with her latest biker video clip

Rosalía sweeps with her latest biker video clip

That Rosalia it is a mass phenomenon that does not admit discussion. Becomes trend everything that touches: clothing, hair styling, nails or makeup. It has been transfigured into something like a modern King Midas. And in ‘Saoko’, his new video clip, the motor world enjoy a prominent role.

In this case, stunt bikes or stunt They are the backbone of production. a squad of women bikers accompany the singer the streets of Kiev, while they happen little horses, skids and more impossible balances aboard mounts adapted for this purpose.

In the video clip (which already exceeds seven million views on YouTube) can be seen different motorcycle models What Yamaha R6 and Honda CBR600. Is it so modified to make it easier to handle in those extreme conditions. These preparations allow pilots to continually defy gravity.

The stunt riding or stunts on a motorcycle, are a spectacular discipline which originated in the United States in the seventies In those days it was really quite a feat do somersaults on such heavy models. Starting in the 1980s, motorcycles became on more powerful and lighter machines, facilitating stunts and democratizing the discipline.

pure spectacle

During those years, youth groups they gathered in secluded areas to test their skills on the handlebars. This is how they were created maneuvers and figures that served as the basis for this discipline. His popularity was growing and the pilots began to leave the secrecy already be invited to showcase their skills in motorcycle rallies and other events.

The precursor of this discipline was the Brazilian Hispanic pilot AC Farias, that changed the way of understanding it. After its beginnings in Brazil with the BMX bikes it went on to motorcycles. She quickly realized that she was born for it. For years he had no rival, becoming European champion (1998) and world champion (2000) of the specialty. His stunts and tricks are reference for new pilots.

Although it has been a discipline purely masculine, some women have been incorporated. As Rosalía’s video shows, the girls are also beginning to make this specialty their own.

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