Rubi: “In the locker room it is forbidden to talk about the calendar”

Rubi dialoga con sus jugadores durante un entrenamiento.

Ruby you want your team to have the feet on the ground even though it’s closer than ever of the ascentoccupying the second place with only half a dozen games to go, something that had only happened at this point in the championship in 2007 in all of red and white history. The Almeria coach does not want relaxations with the calendar that his team has, praising for it to rivals like Sporting, who will visit the Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos this Monday (9:00 p.m.), Burgos or Amorebieta.

Sporting: “I have a lot of respect for this game because of the rival entity. It is a team that has been the leader for several days and has been in the top zone for a long time, although later things have not turned out as expected. It is a dangerous opponent First, because of the squad, and then, if we look at the last five games, the reality is that they have only lost one and conceded four goals”.

Calendar: “In our dressing room it is forbidden to talk about it because I have already given some information about Sporting that makes us think that we cannot relax. If you want, we can talk about Burgos, which is one of the best teams at home, the one that has conceded the fewest goals; then Amorebieta is coming, who on top of that has beaten us… More than ever we have to go game by game because the classification is very tight, but at any given moment a gap can be generated.Until it occurs we have to keep fighting to the fullest If I were a rival and I read that the team I’m going to face is saying that they have an easy schedule, it would motivate me more”.

Shield/Flag Almería

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Number for promotion: “I have always defended the theory of 80 points. I am not the least certain that it will end up being like that, but the projection can make it go that way. The only thing that worries me is 70, going from 67 to 70, it is the only thing I want right now.”

Sousa and Chumi: “Sousa is ok and Chumi is not going to make it to this match. Although he has taken a giant step in his evolution, it would be hasty. We have exemplary professionals in taking care of themselves, looking at food and coming to train outside of scheduled training sessions.”

Hobby: “He is giving an example of solidarity, of wanting to cheer. I think he is enjoying the season a lot and all we want is to give him good football games and victories to end up celebrating”.


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