Rummaging through the bags of Apple employees, a very bad idea


$ 29.9 million Americans, or nearly 26.5 million euros: this is the amount that Apple must now pay and which sanctions a criticized security policy implemented between July 2009 and December 2015 in its stores. Employees were then obliged to have the contents of their personal belongings checked when leaving the group’s shops, in order to avoid theft.

If the very principle of this strategy is questionable, it should be noted that it was not in fact deducted from the working time of close to fifteen thousand team members concerned. At the end of the year, the time spent in the control therefore represented a certain amount and hardly negligible.

The Court persists and signs

This sentence, which had in fact already been pronounced last November, is here confirmed before a final verdict awaited for the July 7 next. Part of the sum should be returned to the plaintiffs, to the tune of several hundred dollars per head. The lawyers of the group will also be handsomely remunerated; we are talking here of several millions also just for the cabinet in charge of the prosecution.

Nearly fifty-two Apple Stores are mentioned in the file; all are located in California. But it is unfortunately too late to join the class action.

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Watered sprinkler

Among the defense arguments, we can cite that employees could if they wished to leave their personal effects at home before coming to work. A statement rejected by the American judge William Alsup, the latter recalling that Apple accurately describes the iPhone against part “integral”Of everyone’s life.

In addition to the $ 18.9 million in compensation intended for victims, $ 449,000 will be transferred to the state as penalty fees. Three quarters of this amount will then be donated to the government agency responsible for fighting for better working conditions, a key subject in Apple for several months now.

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