Business Automobiles Russi New Vehicle Registrations Half Yearly Data

Russi New Vehicle Registrations Half Yearly Data


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During the past month of July, new vehicle registrations in Russia increased by 6.8% compared to the same month of the previous year until reaching a volume of 141,924 units sold. The COVID-19 effect has therefore disappeared, at least temporarily.

This good figure, however, may be due to the significant drop experienced in previous months and the need for many companies to renew their fleets. Too more flexible credit purchase aids have been decisive even though the economy is not having a good time. The weakening of the currency is another of the main reasons for this increase.Russi New Vehicle Registrations Half Yearly Data

For fuels, the vast majority of vehicles have gasoline engines, something widespread in almost all segments. To find a more or less important diffusion of diesel engines, you have to go to certain types of high consumption vehicles, such as medium and large SUVs, and of course commercial ones. The electric ones for their part still do not take off and only 48 units were sold (14 Nissan Leaf, 10 Jaguar I-Pace, and 8 Tesla Model X among them).


  1. Lada 31,180
  2. Kia 18,038
  3. Hyundai 14,319
  4. Skoda 12,329
  5. Renault 11,606
  6. VW 11.201
  7. Toyota 8,897
  8. Nissan 5,315
  9. BMW 4,236
  10. Mercedes 3,902
  11. UAZ 3,592
  12. GAZ 2,619
  13. Mazda 2,465
  14. Lexus 2,423
  15. Mitsubishi 2,292
  16. Haval 1,832
  17. Datsun 1,815
  18. Ford 1,703
  19. Geely 1,338
  20. Audi 1,286
  21. Chery 864
  22. Volvo 773
  23. Changan 653
  24. Suzuki 651
  25. Porsche 621
  26. Autovaz Niva 529
  27. Subaru 507
  28. Peugeot 448
  29. FAW 386
  30. Citroën 377
  31. Land Rover 367
  32. MINI 247
  33. Honda 220
  34. Jeep 197
  35. Infiniti 154
  36. Fiat 137
  37. Isuzu 135
  38. Cadillac 123
  39. Lifan 104
  40. Genesis 89
  41. DFM 75
  42. Jaguar 70
  43. Opel 54
  44. IVECO 39
  45. Chevrolet 36
  46. Brilliance 14
  47. Zorye 11
  48. Foton 6
  49. Chrysler 4
  50. Smart 1
  51. SsangYong 0
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Most of the most popular models are produced in Russia or in markets where there is a free trade agreement (CIS), thereby reducing tariffs and the final cost. The increase in demand for Chinese vehicles by 62% is surprising, with some brands already very well positioned.Russi New Vehicle Registrations Half Yearly Data


  1. Lada Granta 11,450
  2. Lada Vesta 9.807
  3. Hyundai Creta 7.122
  4. Kia Rio 7,031
  5. VW Polo 6,847
  6. Skoda Rapid 5.271
  7. Hyundai Solaris 4.071
  8. Kia Sportage 3,750
  9. Lada Largus 3,718
  10. VW Tiguan 3,336
  11. Toyota RAV4 3.311
  12. Toyota Camry 2,961
  13. Renault Duster 2,916
  14. Renault Logan 2,868
  15. Skoda Octavia 2,756
  16. Lada 4 × 4 2,697
  17. Renault Sandero 2,679
  18. Skoda Karoq 2.515
  19. Nissan Qashqai 2,157
  20. Mazda CX-5 2015
  21. Lada XRAY 1,874
  22. Renault Kaptur 1,774
  23. Nissan X-Trail 1,769
  24. Kia Optima 1,666
  25. Skoda Kodiaq 1.631

In the first positions, everything continues as always, with the Lada Granta and Vesta dominating without problems. The third place went to him Hyundai Creta which still maintains a high level of sales despite being a few years old. Very good the Kia Rio which managed to close in the fourth position.Russi New Vehicle Registrations Half Yearly Data

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Without a doubt, the stars of the month of July were the Volkswagen Polo and Skoda Rapid, two sedans of specific design for this country that has been very well received by the public. Skoda also places the Karoq and Kodiaq, in addition to the previous generation of Octavia. Renault and Toyota are other firms with good numbers.

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