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5 Fresh Salads To Prepare At Home During The Summer


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The summer salads They are a good option that you can include in your diet during this particular period of the year. If you don’t want to stop preparing these dishes even if you can’t leave home, these 5 salads can come in handy, since they are very easy to do, even with what you already have at home.

Salads To Prepare At Home During The Summer

1. Melon, feta cheese, and almond salad

According to an article from the El Comidista portal, a salad with melon is not the most common, but the combination of the acid of the dressing with the sweetness of the fruit and the salty of the feta cheese is more than enough to convince your taste buds.

2. Rice salad with pickled mussels

To this salad, you can add a ripe and meaty tomato to give it a juicy and fresh touch. It would also not be bad if you add some anchovies to increase your taste.

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3. White bean and anchovy salad

Vegetables and canned seafood are very good combinations, and this salad is no exception. Legumes provide a lot of protein, so you can use them in a smaller quantity simply to flavor the dish.

4. Vegetable salad with green sauce and couscous

The only way to ruin this salad is by overcooking it. Instead, prepare a garlic and paprika rehash that usually accompanies this summer salad.

5. Avocado salad and homemade sardines with oil

Among the summer salads, the avocado and homemade sardines salad are one of the freshest and most delicious by the beautiful combination of its components. While the avocado melts easily in the mouth, sardines provide an authentic summer experience.

Try doing these summer salads depending on your food availability in such a way that you are not short of resources these days where leaving the house is not recommended due to the danger that the Covid-19 represents for our health.

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