sales more disappointing than expected?

3 iPhone SE de troisième génération empilés

This is a rather bleak survey for Apple regarding its new iPhone SE 3. Research firm Wave7 recently surveyed the stores of various operators in the United States. And according to them, the demand for this smartphone is weaker this year than it was for the old iPhone SE.

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Initial results not very encouraging for the iPhone SE 3?

In detail, 56% of respondents agree with the statement that demand for this phone is lower than that of its predecessor. Worse, especially for a marketing master like the Apple brand, sellers interviewed even believe that few people are aware of the launch of the iPhone SE 3.

Analysts believe that the Cupertino company has provided a fairly limited promotion for its new phone. We haven’t seen the traditional advertising on television at Uncle Sam’s. Similarly, only one video is devoted to the iPhone SE 3 on Apple’s YouTube channel.

This observation remains quite surprising even if the first echoes during the formalization of this phone were not necessarily good. While many praised its relatively modest price, others, like YouTuber Marques Brownlee, a tech specialist in the United States, considered the iPhone SE 3 a little too simple to deserve all the attention we carries him.

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Anyway, this is just a survey and we will wait for more information globally to take a more complete look at the sales of the iPhone SE 3.

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