Samsung invests millions in iPhone screens


$ 857 million (738M + €): this is the time Samsung invested in equipping one of its flagship factories in Asia, according to Patently Apple. OLED panels dedicated to smartphones are manufactured on site, incorporating LTPO technology. This allows mobile phones entitled to it to modify their refresh rate on the fly.

Among the customers of such a solution, we obviously find Apple. The firm indeed markets the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max which, under the ProMotion brand, can precisely adapt their frame rate according to different situations. This allows in particular to gain autonomy when a few fps are sufficient, or to guarantee – on paper, not necessarily with the naked eye – a better experience in streaming, in video games, etc.

See you in 2022

Everything suggests that the iPhone 14 and later will also be covered with an LTPO screen. Indeed, colossal amounts such as that of Samsung’s stake are usually spread over long periods and we know that Apple has a habit of preparing its mobiles several months before their release. So next year’s iPhone may already be ready.

As usual, the product could set new sales records for Apple. Samsung estimates, for example, to deliver 165,000 components per month by 2023, but the final figures will probably rise well beyond. It should also be remembered that this is not the only chaebol to provide the Apple with displays: this is also the case for LG, whose expenditure in this area is also staggering.

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Little is known about the 2022 iPhones as of yet, other than that the storage capacity could reach 2TB and the public is waiting for a serious update following the minor changes made with current models.


Patently Apple once again allows himself not to cite the origin of his information. This does not add a bit of reliability to this rumor, where most of the other relays such as Mark Gurman or DigiTimes however make the effort to specify this kind of detail, giving more credit to their comments.

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