Sara Corrales shares the radical change of look she will wear in her next soap opera

Sara Corrales shares the radical change of look she will wear in her next soap opera

Sara Corrales He continues to share with his Instagram followers sensual workout routines, where every morning he infects them with his characteristic sense of humor and positive energy, but he saw one of them interrupted and confessed what was the reason why he abandoned them.

Yes gentlemen … here is the result of the reason why I abandoned them this morning in training“, said.

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Few know the effort, the time, the dedication, the commitment, the desire, the early mornings, the late nights, the fatigue, the amount of times that with pain I have had to stop sharing with my family, my friends and my people to walk working, the trips that I have missed to be recording, the mornings when I have left my comfortable bed to go to train, the time that I have dedicated to my career during all these years! Few know what is behind what I have achieved today! And do you know what is most beautiful? THAT EVERYTHING HAS BEEN WORTH IT! Love what you do, what you dream, what you want for yourself and go after it. 🙌🏽💖🙌🏽

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With a photograph that showed her 2.6 million followers, the Colombian revealed the image that she will carry in her next soap opera.

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I had to go to Televisa to have my makeup look and design changed.“He wrote as part of the description along with the snapshot, in which he also revealed that the next character he will bring to life will be called Sabina, while the tentative name of the soap opera is” Want it all “, which will be under the production of Ignacio Sada.

You like? Yes? Not? Or regulimbisssss? Hahahaha kisses. I’m still here working, my work day is not over yet“Was how the text ended.

In the image that is about to reach 70 thousand “likes”, the native of MedellĂ­n, Colombia, looks with a shade of brown hair and bangs, leaving behind her characteristic blonde mane.

You look beautiful, I’m already dying to see you in that character“,”Divinaaa and that ojasos stand out more“,”With that face, even shaved looks beautiful“,”You look spectacular“,”Unquestionably beautiful“,”I swore you were AnahĂ­“Wrote some fans of the soap opera villain.


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