Sascha Fitness | Diets, husband, daughters, profession and more of the famous Venezuelan coach

Sascha Fitness | Diets, husband, daughters, profession and more of the famous Venezuelan coach

Sascha Barboza is a renowned Venezuelan fitness coach
Sascha Barboza is a renowned Venezuelan fitness coach | Instagram Sascha Fitness

Sascha Barboza, better known as Sascha Fitness, is an icon of healthy living and a well-known influencer on social media. Her fame is mainly based on the motivation she constantly sends to her followers, whom she invites to bet on sport as a lifestyle.

But what else is known about this young Venezuelan? Next, we tell you important details about her life, so that you know her a little more.

He is 35 years old. He was born on December 19, 1984 in Venezuela.

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Over time I have managed to identify what works for me, and they know that I am in favor of not making absolutist statements in this matter of fitness, each one adapting it to their lifestyle and their particular tastes. I like to go out on Fridays and eat something rich and caloric or have a few drinks, I always choose one thing or the other, I don’t do both at the same time, if I eat two hamburgers and some donuts (yes, I can fit two But I usually eat 1 and a half to not be so rude?) I do not drink alcoholic drinks and if it provokes me rather I have a few drinks I try to choose healthier and low carbohydrate things like sashimi, raw and things of that style. I do not deprive myself, I give my body over the weekend what it asks for, on Saturdays I usually exercise because I like it, it is part of my daily habits, and on Saturdays I also usually have a few drinks, two or three so I have eaten burgers the day before. On Sundays I always eat on the street and I try to choose healthy things but if it makes me sweet I eat it too. Always in moderation, understanding that what will have the most impact will be what you do most of the time, from Monday to Friday I am a kind of military man, I train intensely, as super clean, I take good care of myself. And in this way I have achieved a balance, I enjoy this lifestyle, I do not feel restricted and it achieved good results. There are many rules and recommendations, but through trial and error you will understand which dynamic works best for you. The only golden rule is that diet is 70% of everything, exercise will give you energy, health, good mood and at the same time improves body composition, now the type of food, distribution of macro nutrients, flexibility, will depend on You and never forget that what you repeat the most, what you do the most, what predominates most of the time is what will really have a significant impact on your results?

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This young entrepreneur has a fitness company, through which she markets healthy products that are widely sold in several countries in America. She also works as a coach helping companies and people to improve their quality of life.

Sascha gives advice to her social media followers about food, and although she does not give specific plans, she explains that her diet is based on eating protein, few fats and flours. This form of eating also varies depending on the exercise you will do in a day.

Before becoming famous, she studied Business Administration at university.

Sascha Fitness has two daughters named Avril and Luna.

Almost 20 years ago, she has been married to Andrés Ordóñez, to whom she constantly shows her love.

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Today my husband and I are celebrating an anniversary! ✨And while we don’t have a perfect marriage, I am very happy with our perfectly imperfect marriage. I am almost 20 years with him, more than half of my life! We grew up together, we have learned a lot on this long journey. Andy is my life partner, my friend, my boyfriend, my ally, my accomplice. Who knows better my seams, my defects, my anxiety attacks, my fears … stay with whoever does not judge you for your not so good things, stay with whoever looks at all the beautiful things about you, stay with whoever is unconditional Loyal, who makes you laugh … stay with whoever believes in you even when you don’t believe much. For all these things, I choose to stay with Him every day. Andy is not a perfect man, but he is perfect for me. Our love is not perfect, but it is perfect for us. This is just the beginning of our story, a long story that still has a lot to tell. Happy anniversary my life, I love you! ✨❤️

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On the popular social network, he appears as @saschafitness and from there he shares his life with more than three million followers.

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