Save time with our iOS travel attestation shortcut

Attestation couvre-feu

Update 1.2: taking into account the new curfew hours generalized throughout the territory. To update the shortcut to the latest version, you must delete the old shortcut and download the new one available at this address.

Update 1.1: There was a bug that prevented using a zip code starting with a zero. It is now fixed.

The curfew began on December 15 and will last at least until January 30, 2021, theoretically. We have also seen here how to generate a digital certificate on the iPhone using the government app. AllAntiCovid. Below, we detail another way to generate and display an exit certificate as a curfew. This involves taking advantage of the Shortcuts app by creating a automatism to launch as soon as desired, to generate a certificate or view full screen, and therefore with the corresponding QR code, the last certificate generated.

And to make it easier for you, you don’t have to assemble the shortcut yourself, we did it for you, based on a shortcut found at RoutineHub and signed @The_Bonnec. Thanks to him in passing if he reads us, his shortcut was already well provided. Our shortcut can be particularly useful if you want to generate certificates for you, but also for different members of your familybecause more than one profile can be saved. Also, it is interesting to study for those who want to understand the programming of shortcuts.

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In any case, here is how to take advantage of this iOS travel certificate generation shortcut for this funny end of the year under curfew. Hoping that it will be of use to you.

Download the shortcut

  • First of all, make sure to have enabled the option “Allow untrusted shortcuts” in Settings> Shortcuts


IOS shortcut download


How to use the shortcut

Display a certificate or generate a new one

The shortcut is able to detect if you have already generated an attestation in the past. If this is the case, it offers to display it on the screen. You can therefore launch the shortcut to generate a new certificate, but also to display the certificate in the event of a police check. This choice must be made as soon as the shortcut is launched.

Confinement opening choice shortcut


Profile management

When you launch the shortcut for the first time, you have no saved profile. It’s up to you to follow the steps to create a first profile of the person for whom you want to generate one or more certificate (s) subsequently. At this stage, you just need to follow the steps: Choose a profile> New person, then fill in your information.

Shortcut curfews and profiles


You can then choose not to save the profile for any reason, or to start over if you notice an error in your information. Be vigilant, it is better to avoid any typing errors or other oversights. Because once a profile is saved, it cannot be changed. However, the profiles file can be deleted to start from scratch. If you have therefore seen an error in your information, it is better not to save the profile and / or start over.

Profile information shortcut iOS containment


If you choose to save the profile, it will be offered the next time you launch the shortcut. Note that you can only create one profile per launching the shortcut. To create a new profile, you must choose “New Person” each time you launch a new generation of certificate. Also note that you can create as many profiles as you want.

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Generating the certificate

Once the profile is complete, you move on to the generation of the certificate. Here you just have to follow the steps: select the reason, date and time of exit.

Reason for curfew certificate


The shortcut ends up showing you the attestation in full screen. You can share it to save it wherever you want, but know that it is already saved in the Files app (and therefore in iCloud), in the folder Shortcuts> Containment. v1.2 curfew certificate


To display it, all you have to do is relaunch the shortcut by choosing “Open it” when the automation asks you what to do after having detected that a certificate already exists.

Finally, you can launch the shortcut in different ways, either by opening the Shortcuts app or better, via the Shortcuts widget in the “Today” view.

Curfew shortcut widget


There is also the possibility to save the shortcut as an app or to configure a Siri phrase to open it. Not to mention the fact of being able to launch it with two taps on the back of the iPhone, or to set a time of day or a geolocated place as the trigger.

If you have any questions or comments or even bug returns, please let us know, here in a comment for example or in the email address indicated at the top in the programming view of the shortcut.

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Finally, be aware that the shortcut leaves the following traces: a folder named “Containment” containing two files, the certificate in PDF format and the list of profiles in text format. To clean up, if you no longer want to use the shortcut, for example, you just have to delete this “Containment” folder. It can be found, on Mac, in iCloud Drive> Shortcuts, and on iOS, in the app Files> iCloud Drive> Shortcuts.

Save time with our iOS travel attestation shortcut

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