Scorpio (Scorpio) compatibility with Aries

compatibilidad escorpion o escorpio y aries

If you or the person of your interest is Scorpio (Scorpio) or Aries, check how compatible love is according to their zodiac sign.

Let’s talk about the horoscope of Scorpio or Scorpio and their compatibility with AriesBefore doing so, let’s analyze the personality of those who were born under these zodiac signs and how it might turn out that they live together or fall in love.

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What are the Scorpio (Scorpio) like?

If the person of your interest or you are Scorpio or Scorpio you should know that they were born under a water sign. This means that they are guided more by their emotions than by reason, their intuition is a tool they fully trust.

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They are very intense, charming and always observe even the smallest details, so if you think that the Scorpio (Scorpio) —The sun, moon or ascendant sign — that interests you is absent, it may just be analyzing everything that surrounds it.

The fact that they are so emotional makes them very sensitive people so it is easy for them to feel hurt and even betrayed. They are creative and have a great capacity for analysis.

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What are Aries like?

Aries is a fire sign so he is usually adventurous, pioneer, brave and dynamic. If the person of your interest is Aries you should know that they have a lot of energy so they are always willing to explore and experience new things.

They tend to be spontaneous so they hate tethers and overthink their next steps.

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They are leaders, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you find them bossy is already part of their characteristics, plus they can also seem stubborn when they strive to achieve what they set out to do. Be very careful about making a person feel bad Aries because they are easily offended.

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Scorpio (Scorpio) in love

The Scorpion they are extremely passionate and sensual, in fact, Scorpio is considered the sex sign.

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Scorpio (Scorpio) compatibility with AriesThe fact that they live so connected with their emotions makes them very sensual couples and that they see love with a spiritual actor, so they give themselves completely if they feel reciprocated.

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This sounds pretty good but it’s important to think that they can easily get hurt, so pay close attention to what you say and do.

Scorpio (Scorpio) and Aries Compatibility

Scorpio (Scorpio) is a water sign while Aries It is fire, in addition to the fact that the first is ruled by Saturn and the second by Mars, so they are astrologically opposite.

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Although the combination of both is quite complicated, it is not impossible.

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The Scorpion They are usually reserved for their great capacity for analysis, although they can also be pessimistic people. On the other hand, Aries they are generally very outgoing, self-assured and impulsive.

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While the Scorpio tend to perfectly plan every detail of their life, Aries they flow and get carried away by situations so they tend to improvise.

By talking and negotiating, you can always reach agreements to have a calm and loving relationship.

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