Search intent and SERP modification: 3 cases

Search intent and SERP modification: 3 cases

In a few years, we have gone from a “keyword” principle to that of “search intention”; but depending on the prism through which one looks, expectations and goals differ slightly:

  • For the internet user:
    That’s what he expects to find when he types his query into Google.
  • For Google:
    It’s about offering content based on what it assumes behind a search.
  • For SEO:
    It is not about understanding the true intentions of all users but rather identifying the type of content that Google wants to serve based on what it assumes of search intent.

The problem of SEO to define what content to offer in order to best match Google’s expectations will therefore depend on several factors. Indeed, we see that sometimes in just a few days, a SERP can radically change its intention because Google will have decided so.

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