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search media advertising

On social media, millions of companies are always looking for more visibility. Thanks to Search Media Advertising, it is possible to promote your products and develop your business effectively.

As a reminder, Search Media Advertising is a paid marketing technique aiming to improve its referencing on social networks. Through targeted advertising on the products sold by your company, the SMA offers the opportunity to quickly capitalize on the products offered. By making you appear in the news feeds of potentially interested people, the ADM gives your website valuable visibility.

The advertisements offered come in different formats. Some of them only offer a few lines of text. Others are more elaborate and offer a visual of the different products on sale. The consumer has direct visual access to:

  • the product,
  • his price,
  • and its characteristics.

With a few clicks, he goes to your business page and check the reviews offered by your other customers. Thanks to the SMA, you offer your company significant visibility in the face of competition on social networks.

Indeed, the company can offer its articles and / or services directly to customers wishing to make their purchase. A real strategy on the Internet, the SMA is a efficient and powerful way to develop customers and sales.

SMA or SEO, what to choose?

Search Media Advertising is, in other words, paid search marketing. Companies pay Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media and the latter shows the ads in priority on its platform.

SEO is a whole different concept. Indeed, here the company does not pay money to Google. We are here facing a natural referencing technique. The company relies on the relevant and regular content that it can offer to its site. Less rapid in terms of efficiency, SEO should not be neglected. Indeed, it is complementary to other SEO techniques used on the Internet.

SEO and MAS are inseparable from each other if you want to be successful on the Internet. By using only Search Media Advertising, you only benefit from a showcase on the various social networks. So, once you stop paying for the Sponsored Campaign, your business page, website, and products fall back into the twists and turns of social media. From this moment on, you can only count on the members who have “liked” your page.

Of course, it is possible to use SMA to grow your community quickly. Thus, having more Likes on your page and your posts, they stand out more easily in the search results. You can also set up “call to action” campaigns to then develop your business by relying on your community.

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Before launching your first SMA campaign, you need to properly study the keywords to use. Indeed, when a user launches a search, even on Facebook, he does it by keywords. By offering your product or services the best keywords, the ones that are most likely to be searched, you are putting a lot more chances on your side. It is important to understand that keywords are the basis of internet marketing.

Of course, you cannot go into battle at random. To determine the best keywords, you need to do extensive marketing research to apply the most relevant phrases to your products. Many online software programs provide you with detailed reports regarding the strength of the keywords you want to use.

Structure your marketing strategy on social networks

When embarking on Search Media Advertising, it is important to structure your marketing strategy optimally. Thus, it must include:

  • impactful keywords
  • a well-crafted and impactful ad text

To be successful with your social media marketing campaign, you should also bundle similar products or services together. Thus, the Internet user can more easily find himself in the “products” part of your company page. Of course, you don’t have to put your entire catalog. The Facebook page is also used to attract as many people as possible to your website. However, a selection of several products can lead the curious to find out more about what you can offer them.

In the social media marketing community, there is a myth we need to break: ADM is not based on the company’s biggest advertising budget. However, a high advertising budget may be more beneficial to target more people. Indeed, the budget is determined according to:

  • the number of people targeted,
  • the geographical area,
  • and the prospect’s interests.

To be clear, an ad on Facebook only targets a few very specific profiles, but which have a strong response potential. First, the social network asks you for your claim in terms of audience. The more people an ad reaches, the better for your business. Thus, it is possible to open your visibility to tens of thousands of potential customers in a few clicks. However, the higher the number of prospects, the higher the advertising price.

Another important point: search geolocation. We told you about it in another article, it is extremely important to geolocate your business. Indeed, this offers the possibility of finding customers more quickly around his establishment. Obviously, if you claim to sell internationally, you can also indicate this in the advertising form. But targeted geolocation helps find customers quickly in your area of ​​research. These customers being close, you have a better chance of retaining these customers.

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Finally, one of the things specific to social media is the ability to target the interests of your prospects. By targeting these criteria, you can find people who are more inclined to order your products online.

An advertising rendering that is discreet

Over the years, social media has made the ads involved in Search Media Advertising a bit more discreet. Today, the ads are based on the news feeds of everyone on the networks.

In addition, a catchy ad will quickly pay off the price of the ad. As the number of subscribers increases, your site is also very visited. This simple parameter greatly increases the chances of maximizing your online sales!

The ads on the various social networks are not very intrusive and, most of the time, useful. Indeed, if the Internet user sees these ads, it is because he is interested in your area of ​​expertise. Another important point is that ads on social networks cannot be blocked by antipub software. This non-existent blocking gives the ad more profitability than others that can be blocked by software like Adblock.

A temporary solution to bad SEO

The sites of many companies are still very poorly ranked organically today. Indeed, if your SEO campaign is too neglected, you have no chance to stand out on the web.

Some companies, not very patient, prefer to start directly with SMA while waiting for natural referencing to do its part. Search Media Advertising is a fast way to market your online business. Thanks to this positioning, the company obtains more visibility. Thus, the products they offer reach a very large number of Internet users. The SMA is also suitable for companies providing urgent services.

Thus, a plumbing company or a mechanic can use Search Media Advertising in order to position itself on platforms which, today, are more and more in demand.

Develop mobile advertising

Nowadays everyone has a cell phone. It is used in:

  • transportation,
  • waiting rooms,
  • and whenever you want to “kill time”.

This constant use of the phone is a boon for businesses using SMA campaigns.

Indeed, thanks to the applications, advertisements are always at hand. Consumers can find the service they need without browsing dozens of companies. It is also possible that the prospect will visit the reviews of other customers during their research.

A community leaving great reviews also helps your product sell. These opinions are widely consulted from mobiles. Indeed, if your prospect wants to know the user feedback in a clear and fast way, it is a sure way for him to get there. In addition, advertising on social networks works very well on mobile phones. For some products, these results are superior to those obtained on a computer.

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It is essential that businesses understand the importance of mobile in our society. Each company’s websites should also be adapted accordingly.

As with everything, while there are advantages, there are disadvantages as well. One of the most obvious disadvantages of Search Media Advertising campaigns is that the number of ad spaces on each page is limited. Indeed, you can only capitalize on one product at a time. Some even prefer to offer high visibility to their page in general rather than their products.

Negative reviews are also one of the downsides offered by this kind of advertising. Indeed, if some people do not like your product, they are free to share it publicly online. This bad advertisement can have serious consequences on the future sales of the company.

You should also spend time on the different campaigns. Indeed, after having found the adequate arguments and launched your advertisement, it is necessary to take care of certain other points. Thus, you must remain attentive to its evolution over time.

Data is provided to you every day to measure the impact of advertising. You should also take the time to respond to the various comments you receive. Whether positive or negative, it is always a good idea to respond to every person who gives feedback on your products.

Internet users’ behavior when faced with search advertisements

Does all this advertising have an impact on the behavior of Internet users? There is a widely held opinion that people avoid clicking on sponsored ads. However, numerous statistics prove that this is not true. If the organic results generate many more clicks than the articles in the SMA campaign, the proportion varies depending on what the Internet user is looking for.

Indeed, keywords that have strong business intent are more profitable and get more clicks than keywords used in SEO. This characteristic is due to the fact that sponsored links use structured data and bring better results to users. Plus, social media ads also redirect the prospect to your site. Thus, your number of visitors increases and Google helps you rank better.

To conclude on Search Media Advertising,

Search Media Advertising is therefore always very useful if you want to quickly increase your number of visits as well as your sales on your website. Of course, you have to put in place a well-structured advertising campaign. Supporting the impact of SEO, Search Media Advertising is a significant advantage in online marketing.

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