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Seat MÓ eScooter 125: on sale for 6,250 euros | Motorcycles


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Times change and you have to adapt to them, which in the automotive world means making the leap to electrified mechanics and even going from four to two wheels. The Seat MÓ eScooter 125 is the proposal of the Spanish brand for urban mobility, an agile solution and cheaper than a car: it is already available from 6,250 euros, but with the help of the Moves Plan, the final rate can be lowered to 5,500 euros.

Available in white, gray and red, it is a model with a carefree design and with measurements that adapt to drivers of any size: 2.02 meters long, 0.72 wide and 1.5 high. Also has enough space under the seat for two helmets and, under these is the battery.

This has a capacity of 5.6 kWh, provides a autonomy of 137 kilometers and it is removable, which makes it easy to recharge. Although it weighs 41 kilos, it is easy to transport (it has built-in wheels and a handle) and its Full recharge takes between six and eight hours.

The battery supplies power to a 7 kW motor, which equates it with a 125cc scooter – and can be driven with a car license – and 250 Nm of maximum torque. This allows him to move his 155 kilos with ease, accelerating from 0 to 50 km / h in 3.9 seconds, and reaching a maximum speed of 95 km / h. It has three different driving modes: Eco, City and Sport.

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“The world is changing and the forms of mobility must change with it, especially in urban environments. The Seat MÓ eScooter 125 shows the commitment of Seat MÓ to take care of the environment, cities and the people who live in them, says the director of Seat MÓ, Lucas Casasnovas.

As a launch offer, the brand gives buyers a package consisting of a Hebo jet helmet, motorcycle gloves, Shad mobile holder and Cosmo Smart Light auxiliary light, all valued at 300 euros.

Seat MÓ eScooter 125



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- Advertisement -Seat MÓ eScooter 125: on sale for 6,250 euros |  MotorcyclesSeat MÓ eScooter 125: on sale for 6,250 euros |  Motorcycles

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- Advertisement -Seat MÓ eScooter 125: on sale for 6,250 euros |  MotorcyclesSeat MÓ eScooter 125: on sale for 6,250 euros |  Motorcycles

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