Sebastián Yatra receives the Nacional shirt from the former FC Barcelona player, Luis Suárez

Sebastián Yatra receives the Nacional shirt from the former FC Barcelona player, Luis Suárez

Sebastian Yatra, Colombian singer.

Sebastian Yatra, Colombian singer.

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The singer Sebastian Yatra is found in Uruguay to present their concert as part of the Dharma Toursbut could not help the emotion receive a very special gift from the hands of one of the soccer stars he most admires, the former FC Barcelona player, Luis Suarez. The same one that gave him a National shirta team to which he returned after 17 years.

Sebastian Yatra had the good fortune to be able to say that fulfilled one of his greatest wishes, meeting Luis Suárez, former FC Barcelona playerwho gave him a jersey of the team to which he recently returned National of Uruguay. Of course, the Colombian bragged about it in his account Instagram and also used it during his concert.

Tini Stoessel’s ex, Sebastián Yatrafulfills one of his soccer dreams during his stay in Uruguay. Double reason for happiness for the singer after his visit. In addition to hanging the ‘Sold Out’ sign at the massive concert he offered this weekend in the country’s capital, Montevideo, the pop star had the opportunity to fulfill one of his great dreams in terms of his passion for soccer. refers.

As Yatra has hastened to reveal, he finally met one of his idols in this sport, striker Luis Suarez, and received from the ex-Barcelonista a brand new shirt signed by his new team. The ram was recently introduced as national player again.

Although not sure about it, Sebastián already fantasizes about the possibility that his shirt will be the first that the former Liverpool and Atlético de Madrid footballer has delivered since his return to the sporting institution par excellence in Montevideo, which will once again be his home and possibly the last before his professional retirement.

“I was the first shirt he gave Suarez on his return to @nacional, or so I would like to believe hahaha. Crack successes !!!”, wrote the interpreter in a first message. “Uruguay!!! We came back after almost three years to sing tonight. What happiness to coincide with the return home of this mega crack! Thanks for the love and the shirt, it will surely be a few historic months at the Nacional“, he concluded Sebastian Yatra. Here we leave your latest video clip with Pablo Alboran, “With you”.

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