Sebastián Yatra spoke for the first time about his breakup with Tini Stoessel

Sebastián Yatra spoke for the first time about his breakup with Tini Stoessel

Sebastian Yatra, Tini Stoessel
Sebastián Yatra and Tini Stoessel announced their breakup in May 2020 | Daniel Apuy / Getty Images

Two months after confirming their separation, Sebastián Yatra broke the silence and spoke of the reasons why he ended up with Tini Stoessel.

In an interview for “El Break de las 7” by Univisión on Facebook, the Colombian artist was honest and told that they decided to finish because their life goals were very different despite having a similar job.

“Right now she is in Argentina, I am in Colombia and although we have very similar careers, our life or long-term goals sometimes go different ways,” he said.

On how he feels, the singer said: “My heart is fine. I ended up with Martina almost two months ago and obviously, it was not an easy moment and it has not been. We still want amounts and I will always want the best for she”.

The interpreter of “There is no one else” said that both continue to have great love but that they had to make this difficult and painful decision to fulfill their respective dreams.

On the other hand, Yatra confessed that this break does not take it as a personal failure and even the relationship he had with the Argentine singer takes it as a “blessing”. “For me it will always remain a beautiful, positive miracle, something I have grown up with. Hopefully we can always keep that friendship,” she said.

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“It is still something difficult, but surely later when we meet we can speak on good terms,” ​​said the Colombian. And finally he said he wants her to be happy because she deserves it and did not fail to mention how talented she is and how much he admires her.

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