Secret love: Harry used a fake Instagram account to talk to Meghan Markle

Amor secreto: Harry usaba una cuenta falsa de Instagram para hablar con Meghan Markle

The biography that tells the details of the love story starring now dukes of sussexAs well as the family conflicts that finally led them to leave the front line of the British monarchy, it has not stopped throwing surprising data on the beginnings of a relationship that, evidently, both tried to keep in the strictest secrecy.

The last of the excerpts that have been published from the work ‘Finding Freedom’, which will arrive in bookstores on August 11, hints at the private Instagram account that Prince Harry used to use to maintain closer contact with the former actress during that first dating period in London’s Soho neighborhood.

The profile name, @ SpikeyMau5, not only attracts attention for his informality – understandable, on the other hand, given his need to go unnoticed and his own mischievous nature – but also because he combines one of the nicknames with which his friends have traditionally referred to him , probably on account of her hairstyle, with a nod to her favorite DJ, also producer Deadmau5.

Apart from this curious and useful means of communication, in other passages of the volume the authors, Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, reveal that the night outings of the now married couple in the British capital did not stop gaining frequency due to the mutual “obsession” that existed between them, although these feelings were initially much more intense in the case of Elizabeth II’s grandson.

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“Almost immediately, the two became obsessed with each other. It was as if Harry was in a trance right now. I knew that I had found the perfect person, who concentrated everything I expected and needed in a woman, ”reads an excerpt from the expected and now media publication.


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