Security updates for macOS Catalina and Big Sur

big Sur 11.6.8 macOS

At the same time as macOS 12.5 released yesterday, Apple has just rolled out two other important updates, but this time for computers running previous versions of its operating system. The first is numbered 2022-005 and is for Catalina users. There are patches for security vulnerabilities, especially on the Calendar side where a malicious Internet user could access sensitive information.

On the side of FaceTime, this new version also prevents applications from accessing your private information. But that’s not all, since the drivers for Intel graphics cards were also affected, this time with the possibility for a possible hacker to execute code without your authorization.

macOS Big Sur 11.6.8

With this, Apple has therefore also released an additional edition of Big Sur; it is the 11.6.8 iteration also including indications on the vulnerabilities filled by the developer. Some are identical to macOS Catalina 2022-005, especially in the case of the Wireless which could completely halt the system and corrupt kernel memory. The problem was discovered by Wang Yu, a researcher from the Cyberserval company.

How do I update my Mac?

Here, as a reminder, is the procedure to follow to upgrade to a later version of macOS:

  1. Open the System Preferences app
  2. Choose Software update
  3. Choose Upgrade now

For the installation to start smoothly, it is best that your Mac is plugged into the mains and that you have a stable connection. The list of compatible devices with macOS Big Sur is available right here. As for Catalina, you can find the list of its eligible Macs in this other article.

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It is obviously more than recommended to download these two security updates since they prevent you from flinching in the face of potential viruses. A significant asset, especially at a time when malware continue to cause casualties. Very recently, software managed to hack macOS through online storage applications well known to the general public. It’s unclear if Big Sur 11.6.8 and Catalina 2022-005 provide the solution, but it’s likely, as analysts often share their findings with Cupertino in the first place.

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