See how Francisca Lachapel’s tummy grew

Mira cómo le creció la barriguita a Francisca Lachapel

Since Francisca lachapel She freed herself from keeping a secret that she is expecting her first baby, she gives free rein to share with the world her happiness for fulfilling one of her greatest dreams.

An example of this is, for example, that every time it starts ‘Wake up America’ he says hello for two, shows his two daily breakfasts and pats his tummy all the time.

It is precisely that, the tummy not only what has everyone in love, but also very surprised, why? Because it grows very fast! Much considering that she is a new mother.

To show the photo that he shared on his Instagram account with the following words: “What they say is true !! That that once you share the news your belly comes out .. 😅 must be so happy #babyzampogna swimming in there. E ‘pa’ out that goes. And I love it ! 😍❤️ “.

Remember that this past Monday Lachapel finally confirmed, with a beautiful video with her husband, Francesco Zampogna, who are expecting their first baby. He explained that he had been slow to give the news to preserve the baby, since the first months are usually very delicate, but that as soon as the doctor gave him the go-ahead to tell it, he ran first to tell his family and then everyone. public.

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