See how Rashel Díaz returned to Univision in ‘Despierta América’

Mira cómo fue el regreso de Rashel Díaz a Univision en ‘Despierta América’

Rashel Diaz.

Photo: Despierta América / Univision

As we tell you, Rashel Diaz was today a guest at ‘Wake up America’ to celebrate his 25 years of career and, without a doubt, one of the best ways to compete healthily with ‘Today’, the new show of Telemundo at the same time where the Cuban journalist conducted so many years ‘A new day’.

The presenters received her not only as a queen, but also as a great friend, especially Alan Tacher with whom he drove 2 years ‘Get up!’ in Puerto Rico, for Telemundo. As well Raul Gonzalez, with whom he made specials for that chain, and they were even going to present together a beauty reality show that finally never premiered.

Rashel was moved all the time and at many moments seemed like one of them driving and presenting various stories alongside Karla Martinez Y Francisca lachapel.

The most moving part, without a doubt, was in the tribute they made to him with one of the audience’s favorite segments ‘Do you remember…’ driven by Alan and Karla.

They remembered his beginnings, when he had just arrived from his native Cuba, in ‘Giant Saturday’, and surprised her with the connection with Mr. Francisco, her teacher, and whom she thanked him since he gave her the foundations of her career, until he sent her to study neutral, and above all that she advises her to always laugh at herself.

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Another surprise was a message from his first flamenco teacher, Olguita, who from Cuba reminded him of his love for dance, and told him that she was one of his best students.

Your former partner ‘A new day’, Chef James Tahhan He sent him his favorite dish, and they closed those moving moments with two career honors.

Of course, speculation immediately began as to whether Rashel would stay in ‘Wake Up America’, if she would take Francisca’s place when she leaves maternity with the birth of her baby. And although everything could be possible, she assured that now she is very happy with her life as a businesswoman, entrepreneur and motivator … Only time will tell.


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