Business Digital Marketing Selectos sacrifices its netlinking to regain its visibility

Selectos sacrifices its netlinking to regain its visibility


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The Selectos site, specializing in the selection and comparison of consumer products, has suffered the wrath of Google’s manual penalty. Its external links made it lose 90% of its traffic. Six weeks later, the Belgian site regains its visibility.

Selectos punished by Google: its netlinking in question

In 2020, Google’s famous manual penalties are still relevant and the Selectos site has recently paid the price. After running a netlinking campaign in 2019 to get links from blogs and specialized webzines, Selectos went from 10 referring domains to nearly 750 in just a few months. This meteoric rise generated by the production of sponsored articles in mass has not escaped Google who has decided to crack down. The traffic of the Liège site then depended 90% on the search engine.

According to the founder of Selectos, Robin lespagnard, the netlinking campaign was so effective that he abused it. On March 9, a warning was received via Search Console indicating that all pages were subject to a penalty. In an instant, the site disappeared from the first pages of Google and it was even de-positioned from the keyword “Selectos”. A single day was enough to go from 20,000 to 1,500 visitors per day.

The company had to review the conflicting links to Google’s guidelines and estimated that only a quarter of these were actually relevant. The site is now under reconstruction and actions are being taken to rework the quality and the customer experience in order to regain good visibility.

How to escape the sanctions during a netlinking campaign?

When embarking on a netlinking campaign, it is important to think about the sanction criteria that Google has put in place so as not to find yourself in the same situation as Selectos.

Choose publishing sites carefully

Obviously, if you get links from all the sites on the same network, Google will probably notice. That’s why it’s important that the sites you post to do not have any footprints. Services like, for example, offer to publish sponsored articles including a link to your site for only 10 €, on sites independent of each other.

Dilute your anchors

The over-optimization of anchors is one of the first sources of sanction for Google. By multiplying the links to your site with the same anchors that are optimized (same keywords) you risk attracting the attention of the algorithm. To avoid this, it is essential to dilute your anchors with links positioned on non-optimized keywords like “there”, “here”, or even URLs. In order not to overwhelm your netlinking budget to dilute your anchors, you can order cheap sponsored articles on the accesslink platform, for example (10 euros per article).

Remove links

If you find that you are in the red zone, you can proceed to the removal of certain links, ordered or not. It’s a tedious task, but it could save you from being penalized by Google.

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- Advertisement -Selectos sacrifices its netlinking to regain its visibilitySelectos sacrifices its netlinking to regain its visibility

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- Advertisement -Selectos sacrifices its netlinking to regain its visibilitySelectos sacrifices its netlinking to regain its visibility

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