Senator Warren Charges Carbon Footprint Positive Bitcoin Miner

Senator Warren Charges Carbon Footprint Positive Bitcoin Miner

The US Senator for the Democratic Party, Elizabeth Warren, charged against the Bitcoin (BTC) mining company Greenidge Generation Holdings, for its alleged environmental impact and the amount of energy used by the company, all framed in its already known position of rejection against the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Through a letter addressed to the CEO of the company, Jeff Kirt, which was accessed by Bloomberg, the legislator for the state of Massachusetts, questioned whether this company is carbon neutral in the North American country.

However, it is to be known that the company, controlled by the private equity firm Atlas Holdings LLC, ensures that uses zero and low carbon (CO2) sources of electricity for your operations. And, in addition, it is known that the company buy carbon credits, as they let you know in their official website.

Currently, Greenidge Generation Holdings has a presence in New York and are planning to install a new mining farm in South Carolina. The expansion of activity in the United States responds to the migration of miners from the onslaught of China.

In the letter, Warren says that because of the “extraordinarily high” energy use, as well as the carbon emissions that are associated with mining Bitcoin, “the mining operations at Greenidge and other plants raise concerns about their impacts on the environment. global, local ecosystems and consumers ‘electricity costs’,

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The legislator also asked Kirt for information about the amount of energy used by his company, as well as how much it is polluting the environment.

“We need to better understand how much energy facilities like Greenidge are using, how much they are putting out into the environment, and what impact they are having on electricity prices for American consumers,” he said.

The request appears to be Warren’s first focused on knowing this data from a specific Bitcoin mining company. The activity has been criticized, despite the fact that it is recognized that it does not pose a threat to the environment, as revealed by a study cited by CriptoNoticias.

What Elizabeth Warren says only confirms her position against the first cryptocurrency on the market. Before, he has described it as dangerous for the US financial system., especially if it is not regulated.

Senator Warren Charges Carbon Footprint Positive Bitcoin Miner
This Bitcoin mining company is one that operates with a positive carbon footprint / Source: Screenshot.

According to what CriptoNoticias has reported, through an open letter to the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, Janet Yellen, expressed her concern about the danger that Bitcoin would mean against the current financial system, not having sufficient legal regulations.

Greenidge, green

As mentioned before, Greendige is one of the companies that has made efforts to maintain a positive carbon footprint. According to what this newspaper has reviewed, since June 1, the company would begin to offset 100% its CO2 emissions as a result of mining.

To offset greenhouse gas emissions from a 7,000-piece ASIC facility, they purchased voluntary carbon offset credits from a portfolio of polluting gas reduction projects.

In fact, the same company has defended itself against the accusations. In July and before the indictment of the inhabitants of upstate New York, the company publicly denied the consequences that are awarded to its mining activities.

According to residents, the 12,000-year-old lake has become “a hot tub” because the company allegedly dumps hot water – waste from bitcoin mining. on Seneca Lake.

Now, and with another challenge ahead, Greenidge Generation Holdings reported that he will reply to Warren and it will clarify how the facility “complies with all the leading environmental standards at the national level in New York,” according to a statement quoted by the same information agency.

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