Business Digital Marketing SEO campaign, what is it?

SEO campaign, what is it?


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Carrying out a natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign is the secret to boosting the visibility of your website in search engines.

The SEO campaign is a long-term work. It aims not only to be among the first of the list of the first page of searches like Google, Yahoo, etc… But above all to keep this notoriety. What strategy to adopt to have this place?

For your SEO campaign: analyze, the most important phase

To begin with, you have to know where you are. Position yourself in the Web market, know its position, its competition and what it shares, its strengths and weaknesses and know how to determine its objectives to be achieved.
Then search for relevant keywords relating to the site is essential. It’s’most strategic step because it is thanks to the relevance and the variety of these key words and / or expressions that a website has the chance toappear on the first page of search engines. The choice of multiple keywords could interfere with the position of your website.

There are a total of six types of keywords:

  • generics, which are no longer than three words;
  • the long train, made up of more than three words;
  • semantics, which are related to the main keyword;
  • current events;
  • the “evergreen”, which are still in use;
  • the premises, allowing to target a specific place.
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Apart from keywords, for your SEO campaign, you also have to work on the content. In order to be well indexed and positioned, the website must have quality content, captivating and always containing recent and innovative news and easily accessible by all.

In addition, the site loading speed plays a very important role in visibility given that the Internet user will not have the patience to wait for a site that takes time to open.

Why improve the loading speed of your website?

The natural referencing campaign is also auditing!

The audit is the most crucial period for SEO. It makes it possible to define areas for improvement and corrective actions.

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It is therefore about measure the relevance of keywords and change them if they are already used by a major competition. It is also important to know if certain keywords are too weak. In this case, it is wise to replace them in order to move up the site’s position in the search engines.

To be able to check and compare, take a quick tour of the competition to audit their website and evaluate its content.

The use of certain tools like Moz Toolbar, Google Sheet or Ubersuggest helps you to collect information on the design of the site, and to evaluate the freshness of the content.

These tools analyze incoming and outgoing traffic. Thanks to these tools, it is quite possible to monitor the optimization of the competitor’s site. It is also very important to know the opening speed of your site and compare it with yours.

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Optimizing, guarantor of success

SEO optimization is carried out according to the result of the audit.
Using various keywords depending on the targets is essential. Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Tool, UberSuggest or Semrush, are free keyword generators that you can use. They give you ideas on which keywords to use.

Thanks to the tools allowing you to spy on competing sites, you can detect the use of competing keywords. Changing these keywords and diversifying them are essential in order to avoid a drop in the search rank. Quick tip: use long tail keywords to gain space on the web.

A touch-up on the presentation and the content improves the visibility of your site if this was recommended during the audit. It is however advisable to add backlinks, videos, tags and even blogs to your site in order to propel it.
Using content sharing also increases the visibility rate of your web page.

To boost your website download, in case opening takes a long time, it is recommended to install an IDM or Internet Download Manager. You will find software like uTorrent and Flashget on the market.

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To gain notoriety [parce que c’est quand même le but de votre campagne de référencement naturel], a site must always be available. So make sure he’s always online! If not, check with the host. If the problem persists, consider changing it.

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Monitor to perpetuate your SEO

This is the last phase of natural referencing.
To keep the place for which you fought for, you have to persevere, and therefore always keep an eye on the positioning of your site.

In order to ensure proper monitoring, use the most effective tools such as Google Analytics, Ubersuggest, Moz Explorer, Google Searche Console, Mobile-Friendly Test, Aherfs, PageSpeed ​​Insights …

You should never stop spying on neighboring sites and always be on the lookout for the relevance of keywords.

In order to maintain the freshness of the site, ensuring that the content is constantly updated is essential. This is why writing articles and the latest news, as well as blogging and inserting innovations, is very useful.

Finally, there is one last point to know for your SEO campaign! In order to analyze sites, Google uses several kinds of tools, including machine learning.

It is a set of algorithms that allow the search engine to learn and adapt when exposed to new data. Thus, to classify a site, Google will not only stop at the main keywords that you have chosen, but it will also be interested in their semantics and long tail queries.

Hence the importance of paying attention to the optimization techniques used and more particularly to the natural referencing campaign.

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