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SEO Square is back for a 4and edition the March 22 and 23, 2022 !

This 100% online and free event brings together more than 4,000 Search Marketing professionals.

As with every edition, Semji surrounds itself with leading partners in the SEO & Content sector (Semrush, Oncrawl, Contentsquare and Hubspot) as well as the best experts (Olivier Andrieu, Syphaïwong Bay, Amandine Bart, etc.) to help you boost your business. !

11 sessions to make you more profitable

The SEO Square revolves around a main theme: the alliance of SEO and Content.

During these 2 days, experts will take turns to deliver the most effective and profitable techniques today.

Please note that places are limited! Sign up quickly if you want to benefit from this exclusive moment with them.

Reasons to participate in SEO Square

Exchange with SEO and Content Marketing leaders

Semji and its partners have invited many recognized experts and professionals in SEO and Content Marketing to offer you a global vision on the subject.

Consultants, Search Marketing professionals or SaaS SEO solutions: The speakers come from different universes and are recognized in their areas of expertise.

During this 4th edition, you will be able to discuss with:

  • Olivier Andrieu, SEO Consultant, Abundance;
  • Syphaïwong Bay, Editorial Webmarketing Consultant and founder of Assonance;
  • Nicolas Nguyen, Co-founder and SEO Expert, Semji;
  • Nicolas Mercatili, CEO SEMJuice, Semrush Ambassador;
  • Vincent Terrasi, Product Director, Oncrawl;
  • Sylvain Charbit, Senior Technical SEO Specialist, Selim Dahmani, Content Marketing Manager, Hubspot;
  • Charley Bouzerau, SEO Project Manager, Semji;
  • Boris Schapira, Solution Expert, Contentsquare;
  • Amandine Bart, Head of Acquisition, Waalaxy;

Find the complete list of SEO Square 4 speakers.

Review strategy and adopt more effective techniques

These 11 sessions allow any search marketing professional to take a step back on their strategy, to see more clearly on all the SEO & Content trends of 2022 and above all, to know how to be more profitable and efficient.

Each webinar will address themes in synergy with SEO and Content: Core Web Vitals, AI and automation, data, search intentions, copywriting, etc.

Among the topics covered:

  • FAQ: “The 12 works of Olivier Andrieu”

As with each of his interventions at SEO Square, Olivier Andrieu answers all your questions live. Known as the “god of SEO”, his analysis will identify the SEO and Content actions that will really have weight this year.

Take part in Olivier Andrieu’s session

  • Multilingual SEO: building a strategy adapted to all your markets

Are you expanding internationally? Are you looking to achieve excellent results in your various markets? Do you need expert advice on this subject? Join Charley Bouzerau and Jérémie Conde to find out what are the best practices to follow to rank on the international SERPs.

Take part in the Semji session

  • Spoiler alert: episodic content marketing works!

The winner of the 2019 Young Personality Search award; Syphaïwong Bay will show you how to design your content marketing strategy as a successful series. Visitors to your site will no longer be able to do without your content!

Take part in the Syphaïwong Bay session

  • Technical UX, between speed and error

Make sure that your site’s UX and technical errors do not hinder your acquisition strategies… Here is Boris Schapira’s objective! Solution Expert within the French unicorn Contentsquare, benefit from its experience to detect and above all correct them.

Join the Contentsquare session

Want to know more about programming? Consult the complete program of this 4and edition of SEO Square.

Get best practices and quick-wins

The objective of SEO Square is also to obtain directly applicable techniques. Thanks to the speakers, you will be able to:

  • Identify the actions to be implemented as a priority to achieve your objectives;
  • Engage with renowned SEO experts;
  • Question and improve your acquisition, conversion and growth strategies;
  • Select the most effective SEO and Content techniques.

Who organizes SEO Square?

SEO Square is an event organized by Semji, SEO and Content platform, in partnership with Hubspot, Semrush, Content Square and Oncrawl.

Semji is a SaaS solution that maximizes the ROI of SEO content and helps you:

  • Optimize your existing pages and create new high-performance content;
  • Detect new market opportunities;
  • Plan your production with your teams;
  • Measure the performance of your pages.

Do you want to save time on the production of your content while boosting the performance of your site? Test Semji for free!

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