SEO for e-commerce?

SEO for e-commerce?

I. Understanding Valentine’s Day SEO Search Intent

Despite its short presence in search intentions over the year, it is a period of strong commercial dynamism. The research peak, multiplies by 10, valentines week. This proves that most Internet users do not really anticipate their interest and their searches before the end of January. In comparison to Christmas where search intentions start in October.

Searches are strongly oriented over the years, in particular to find new releases and recent content. This search intention clearly targets the offers planned for each year by merchants and e-merchants.

SEO for e-commerce?

Internet searches for Valentine’s Day are not only commercial (buying a gift), they are also for informational purposes. Internet users are looking for ideas for decoration, cooking, music, etc., for Valentine’s Day. This is why your presence on this type of content could be beneficial to you. Be careful, however, not to leave your field of activity. The wisest thing would be to look for getting links to your pages for Valentine’s Day (backlinks). To get the best possible visibility in such a short time, you have to think about raising the notoriety of your page by getting other sites to point links to you. Your social networks are also interesting traffic acquisition levers.

II. Publish SEO content on your site 4 months in advance

The goal is not to make your page accessible to your customers 4 months before Valentine’s Day (unless you only have extremely far-sighted customers). The objective is to ensure that this page exists in the eyes of Google so that it can then offer it when queries from Internet users when searching for Valentine’s Day.

The content to be published will be at least one SEO page dedicated to Valentine’s Day, with a “title” tag consistent with valentines day keywords. Nothing prevents you from creating more pages related to this theme and linking them together. So this semantic silo (thematic of keywords) is known to Google on your site. A few weeks before February 14, it will be useful to go up these pages in your tree structure and make links from your home page in order to send him a SEO traffic power which will give it credit in the eyes of Google.

III. Think geographical locality in SEO for Valentine’s Day

As noted above, queries related to Valentine’s Day are concentrated in the 3 weeks before Valentine’s Day. These are purchases that are made at the last minute. If you have a physical point of sale, the searches that take geographic locality into account are also important and may be relevant where appropriate.
You can update your Google MyBusiness listing and offer additional content oriented around Valentine’s Day, this content update will appeal to Google and you will then capture localized queries (concept of city) related to Valentine’s Day (example: Valentine’s Day gifts Lille)

IV. Think about the Pick-up-in-store feature to convert searches into purchases

In last-minute purchases, typically those for Valentine’s Day, it would be relevant to offer functionalities online payment + in-store pick-up. This saves the buyer research time in physical stores, an essential advantage in last minute purchases. This feature can be an argument for making the purchase if he knows he can pay online and simply drop by your store to pick it up.

V. Think about delivery times before Valentine’s Day for e-commerce

As with all other parties, the challenge for an honest e-commerce site is to notify your customers of a deadline until which it will be possible to be delivered on time. This does not prevent you from continuing your offers even after the date for latecomers. This is particularly the case of Valentine’s Day, which rarely falls on a weekend, and for which this holiday is not necessarily celebrated on the same day. Valentine’s Day latecomers are also a good reason to advertise your offers and link to your Valentine’s Day page. To encourage purchases by latecomers, your social networks will be a more effective lever than SEO because it is a question of timing.

VI. After Valentine’s Day, anticipating the following year

The page you created for Valentine’s Day should not be deleted ! This is strongly discouraged, because you run the risk of a 404 error for your visitors and a loss of traffic that can be avoided. It is therefore rather advisable to bring it down in your tree structure, or even to no longer make it appear on your site. You do not delete this, the text content can be kept, only the offers will be deleted, and you specify that this page will be updated for Valentine’s Day the following year. To not make the visitor want to come back to Google after landing on your page, you can offer links to the main categories of your site. So you will not make your Valentine’s Day page an exit door for your traffic. The following year, 4 months in advance, you start over and resume the second part of this article.

In conclusion of the SEO for Valentine’s Day:

  • The content of your SEO pages for Valentine’s Day is planned from November,
  • their propulsion several weeks before February 14.
  • You therefore recycle your pages (without changing the URL of course, or 301 redirection) from one year to the next.
    As for the URL of your page, in order not to foresee a 301 redirect, it is advisable not to specify the year in the URL.
  • The Title tag can be changed every year and demonstrate creativity in your meta description to make it attractive in search results and improve the click rate!

We wish you a successful Valentine’s Day!

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