SEO, what does it mean?

le seo plant arbre fruitier

What does this acronym mean? How to do SEO? SEO Kezako? This article brings you answers.

SEO, kezako?

The term SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimizationan English term that translates into French as “Search Engine Optimization”.

SEO is the art of optimizing the position of a website or a web page on the results pages of search engine (SERPs). We are talking about natural reference.

SEO is thus distinguished from Search Engine Advertising (SEA) which consists in obtaining a sponsored positioning in the search results thanks to thebuying keywords with Google Ads.

In practice, particularly in France, SEO corresponds to all the techniques and practices implemented to meet the criteria of search engines. Speaking of search engine, Google is the most used in France with about 91% of searches performed.

Doing SEO means putting in place actions to meet Google’s requirements.

How does Google’s algorithm work?

The operation of Google is quite simple: when an Internet user carries out a search, thegoogle algorithm identifies the keywords contained in the query and ranks the sites on the results page according to the quality and relevance of their content for these keywords.

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Thus, it is the site that best meets the search intent of the Internet user that occupies the first place in Google.

Indeed, the goal of Google is to offer quality, coherent and relevant content to its users. For this, it continuously improves its algorithm in order to highlight the best results. That’s the whole point of theSEO optimization.

To get a spot in search results, you need to meet Google’s requirements and do better than your competition.

How to do SEO?

Imagine that SEO is the tree you plant.

You feed it, water it for a certain time and very regularly. [En aparté, sachez qu’à la Sainte Catherine, tout bois prend racine]. Then comes the moment when the watering becomes less frequent. The actions to be taken are less and you begin to reap the rewards.

But supervision is essential!

The annual pruning will be necessary and perhaps you will have to treat (here, we are talking about technical site audit) your fruit tree at the arrival of spring to continue to harvest its fruits?

As you will have understood, it therefore takes time, patience and work to do natural referencing.

As far as work is concerned, SEO optimization is done on three main axes:

  1. On-site SEO (sitemap, UX design…)
  2. Offsite SEO (netlinking, social networks, etc.)
  3. The contents (Hn tags, internal linking, meta tags, etc.)
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To do better than your competitors in these three main categories, it takes expertise in natural referencing and regular work.

If you want to improve your positioning in search engines, our SEO agency will be happy to support you.

What is SEO for?

The ultimate goal of SEO is to position your site in the first natural search results of Google.

Experts in natural referencing thus aim to increase the visibility of the site in order to generate maximum traffic and conversion. SEO is one of the pillars ofInbound marketing.

Who can do SEO?

SEO optimization is the work of the SEO consultant, also called SEO manager or Web SEO.

The natural referencing expert develops a SEO strategy to increase the visibility of his client’s site in the SERPs in order to attract visitors.

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