Sergio Camello: “I’m ready to play in the First Division”

Entrevista a Sergio Camello: "Estoy listo para irme a un Primera".

After a great season on loan from Atleti at Mirandés, in which he has scored 15 goals, Sergio Camello (Madrid, 2001) is clear that his immediate future involves playing in the First Division. AS has spoken with him in the concentration of the Sub-21 in Las Rozas before traveling to Melilla to play against Malta.

Photo by Sergio Camello

How do you rate your year on loan at Mirandés?

It has been a year to put my name on the high level, to show that I am a player with a goal. A year of learning, of maturing, of picking up the pace of competition to be able to play where I want, which is in the First Division.

Why did you opt for Miranda?

Because in recent years they have bet on many young players and then they are going out to First Clubs and they are succeeding. It was the ideal place and I think it has been shown.

Was Etxeberría’s arrival on the bench good for you?

Of course, he is a coach who has been a footballer and understands the players. I had chemistry with him from the first day and it has been reflected in the table.

How much has Riquelme helped you in the adaptation?

He is my friend. When you play with someone you know his secrets and you live with him off the field, it shows on the field and we have seen it with his assists and my goals.

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In which aspect have you improved the most?

I have noticed more participatory in the game. I needed confidence and I got it.

What remains of the boy who debuted with a goal at Atleti in 2019?

He is still the same boy personally and in football he has grown. This year I have taken a step forward and shown that I can play at a high level.

What did Simeone say to you before leaving on loan?

That he take advantage of the opportunity, that he needed minutes and that he was waiting for me back.

Have they talked again?

Not yet.

Do you see him convincing him to stay at Atleti?

It’s my job. After this season, both Riquelme and I have focused, not only on Atleti, but on the entire First Division scene. If it can’t be at Atelti, I’m ready to make the leap to another LaLiga club.

If we look at the statistics, with Simeone the homegrown players have little chance of staying…

It is seen that it is complicated, but it is a challenge. Both Riquelme and I are ready and we need minutes and not stop the progress we’re making. Both Atleti and we know it and we need that guarantee of minutes.

I mean, I would look favorably on an exit, but as long as it feura a First.

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That’s how it is. It is not that I am small but I am convinced that I am ready to take the leap.

In the Sub-21 he has tough competition with Abel Ruiz.

It is very healthy. He is a very nice guy. As captain he tries to make everyone feel integrated. He has made his debut with the Absolute, but I think I’m ready to compete for the position.

Is it difficult to face this last match against Malta without thinking about the holidays?

The other day we won 0-6, which shows that we are not thinking of going on vacation. We have set ourselves a goal and we want to achieve it. We are going out against Malta with the intention of recreating that mythical 12-1.


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