Sergio: “If it ended in a draw it would have been normal”


Coach Sergio Gonzalez analyzed the match against athletic club. “I’m leaving very upset. We had two enemies, us and Athletic. We can’t afford to go out the way we did. We have to correct how we went out onto the field. We talked about it at half-time, we felt proud, proud to wear this shirt. We were much better in the second half, generating scoring chances. If the game ended in a draw, it would have been normal because of the chances created”, he assured.

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self-criticism. “I think we have had the ability to more than alleviate the situation by coming in many ways. We have had many situations to have tied the game, but we must be self-critical with the first thirty minutes and it cannot happen again. We were thick, it was difficult for us to detect movements, we were out of the game. The punishment was too great, I think. The team in the second half did everything possible to score at least one point”.

Analysis of the match against Athletic. “The first part is football. After a game as strong as the other day, the sensations are that you decompress too much. I have seen as if we were out of the game. I think the punishment has been too great because we have Negredo had a chance that could have equalized or we even saved the penalty and the rebound was scored. Today we did everything to try and get at least one point”.

The opponent’s first blow came too soon. “The first goal was a simple foul, with an unfortunate action with a slip and we were thick. Just as we left the Camp Nou with stripes, today we have to have the temperance of self-criticism. The first half has remained in an accident and we have had the opportunity to alleviate it. But the first 30 minutes cannot happen again”.

Message. “We need to score points. We haven’t been able to take a stride today, but the message for the players is the second half. I think the result is unfair because the second half with that effort has sent a message to everyone. The message for the fans is convey that the second part is what we want to be”.

All that remains is to look ahead and think about the next game and the time left to prepare for it. “Now we have to do another feat because everything you can’t win at home you have to try to win away.”

About the arbitration action. “I think that today they could have given a few more minutes, because with seven minutes the team would have had the opportunity to have another chance.”


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