Sergio: “Our plan has turned out great”


Sergio: "Our plan has turned out great"

Coach Sergio González attended the media after the match against Barça. “I think it was a very complete game on our part with a script that suited us perfectly. Our plan was different from theirs. We corrected Dembélé’s change of direction in the second half. After the goal we were able to score 0 -2, it was a storm from them on the offensive plane, but the team has been well at the back and the goalkeeper has been exceptional. This is great for us”.

The plan. “Every game I always try to be involved, isolate myself from everything, hit the changes, in the refreshments. We left with a bad feeling against Betis. We have demanded more of ourselves this week. Today it has turned out as we had established. It is not easy to win at the Camp Nou against this rival. We had our plan and it turned out great, we also had the chance to score the occasional goal”.

morale high. “This victory has to be gasoline for us. We have prepared it with great enthusiasm, a lot of energy, with the desire to do damage. Everything has gone perfectly. We have been very good with and without the ball, we were also successful in both areas Winning on a stage like this has to strengthen us.”

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