Serious delays for iPhone production in Asia

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While BOE would have won a substantial call for tenders from Apple, delighting certain contracts from its competitor LG, some problems from its manufacturing circuits would tarnish the picture. The Electric reports that the firm is the victim of a chip shortagea recurring phenomenon for several months now in China.

Therefore, some OLED screens destined for the iPhone could soon run out. Worse still: the Korean newspaper believes that the situation would be such that it would eat away at the margins of the Shenzhen subcontractor, without specifying why. It is, however, likely that Apple will trigger penalties in the event that the company expects in-store delays. Its standards are very strict, whether in terms of design or logistics.

Consequences for customers?

The Electric However, it wants to be reassuring and does not think that these delays will last until May, that is to say in about a week. The time for a return to normal, we can therefore hope that global delivery of iPhone 14s will not be impacted. What’s more, BOE is not the only one to design them: it is still Samsung who would take care of the bulk of the orders to date, as for previous generations elsewhere.

The famous punch mobiles, which should run on iOS 15, are expected to september. But two years earlier, when the iPhone 12s were presented to the general public, consumers sometimes had to wait until November to receive them (especially for the mini). At issue: health incidents slowing down production due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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COVID-19 does not help

However, it turns out that this one precisely comes back to the charge. And although the premises of foxconn would still be running at full speed in Zhengzhou according to a brief just published by DigiTimes, this would not be the case for every Apple subcontractor. A reputable analyst of the Californian company also thinks that it will be difficult for Tim Cook to solve the problem quickly, seeing it only as a long-term solution.

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