Serious health news for future Apple Watch

Apple Watch bracelet bleu

A blood pressure sensor should arrive on Apple Watch by 2024. In any case, this is what the magazine thinks Bloomberg, often well informed about it. According to the newspaper, this solution has been in preparation for several years already, but the manufacturer’s teams have encountered some challenges during the design.

For the moment, the project is still secret. However, Apple employees would already be mandated to test it in order to verify its effectiveness. It is indeed not uncommon to see a prototype crowned with success internally but quickly criticized following bad calculations for mass production, which requires different means.

For diabetics

Beyond this change, the next versions of the Apple Watch could also integrate a blood glucometer. Here, the objective is to measure the blood sugar level in real time in order to alert patients suffering from diabetes in the event of hyper- or hypoglycaemia. Devices dedicated to this function already exist and other reputable manufacturers such as Samsung are also working on the subject.

Daily well-being

Renowned analyst Mark Gurman also believes that tracking the sleep which already exists on Apple Watch Series 7 will also be entitled to some improvements with the following models. To this would be added a better autonomy, particularly welcome for the occasion given that the watch is currently not able to last twenty-four hours on in a row in most cases.

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With this, Apple’s wearables would be equipped with tools specifically dedicated to women. We are thinking in particular of reminders for periods of menstruation, as already offered by dedicated apps on iOS, but here too Cupertino remains discreet on the subject and only an official confirmation will allow us to be sure.

To finish, Bloomberg also mentions the case of a virtual pill box and a thermometer. This is not the first time that this latest rumor reaches us, moreover this component could also be installed under the hood of the AirPods in a short time. Apple’s wireless headphones are currently available in three different editions, if you don’t count the headphones.

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