Serious incident affecting the MacBook Pro (M2) just released

MacBook Pro M2

According to recent benchmarks shared on Twitter, the MacBook Pro M2 unveiled at WWDC in June overheated when asked to perform fairly demanding tasks. This is not the first time that this problem has arisen: even before the Apple silicon program tried to solve this problem, many devices with Touch Bar were already victims of it.

This drastic increase in temperature is difficult to solve manually, because the new MacBook Pro has only one fan where the competition often offers two. It therefore seems for the moment that the only solution remains to limit your CPU usage and RAM, a shame for a machine intended for the world of work.

Damning numbers

According to Vadim Yuryev from the YouTube channel Max Techan 8K RAW file export signed Canon would have increased the MacBook Pro M2 to 108 degrees Celsius. A score even higher than that of other products running them with Intel chips, yet sold as less efficient than Apple’s proprietary components.

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As other screenshots show, this too high temperature caused the fan to run at full power all the time, but without the situation improving seriously. In theory, the computer must then in this case limit the CPU power and thus the image processing speed. Customers, who paid more than 1,500 euros to afford their system, therefore find themselves with a technical sheet that is not confirmed in real conditions.

The MacBook Air M2 worries

If the observation is clear concerning the MacBook Pro M2, we must not forget that it is not the only Mac with this chip. Indeed, Apple has at the same time presented its new MacBook Air also with the M2 under the hood. However, this model does not carry… none fan. The fears about the limitation of the performance of its processor are therefore great and overheating alerts could also concern it.

In the meantime, users can still look into third-party mounts with built-in fan or else wait until M3.

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