setbacks by analysts on the arrival of an expected technology

iPad Air 2019

Ming-Chi Kuo is not the most accurate analyst when it comes to prediction. It only hits 74% on the forecast scoreboard AppleTrack. However, it is one of the most followed, because it has the merit of arriving very early with its announcements on future Apple products.

And its latest report contradicts a previous rumor that we had heard about the iPad Air 2022. For this model, initially, it was argued that OLED screen technology would be at the rendezvous. But Ming-Chi Kuo is positioned in the opposing camp. That of those who think that the Californian firm would not offer this innovation on iPad Air next year. The analyst, based on sources close to Apple, said the company would reserve the OLED for its iPad Pros. Thus, to clearly differentiate the ranges, the iPad Air would remain with the LCD, just like the other non-Pro iPads in the Apple brand’s tablet segment, for an indefinite time. Obviously, we imagine that in the long term, all tablets will switch to OLED, unless another technology arrives in the meantime, cheaper and just as good, or even better than OLED.

But next year anyway, it would be better do not bet on an iPad Air with an OLED screen. Friends of iPad Air and other iPad and iPad mini owners, we will still have to be satisfied with the LCD for a while, then.

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Are you particularly waiting for the arrival of OLED on iPad?

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