Seven tips for when you use your motorcycle again | Motorcycles

Seven tips for when you use your motorcycle again | Motorcycles

The motorcycle can play a determining role in new normal that will prevail after the health crisis of coronavirus and on his way to it. Individual transportation, according to most experts, will regain prominence in the face of citizens’ fear of the risk of contagion in groups. And the bike has many arguments in his favor to conquer space on streets and highways around the world.

In fact, from the start of the alarm state and confinement, it is a allowed vehicle (and even advised by the Ministry of Health) for authorized and planned trips by successive government decrees that have marked and will mark the rhythm of the de-escalation.

So it is foreseeable that every day more motorists will return to their mounts, initially for professional transfers and basic needs, although little by little also for reach second homes (initially within the same province) or meetings with other people at the time they are approved in each phase of the de-escalation.

The truth is the scenery of cities and roads has changed in some respects after almost two months of general confinement, creating situations where it will be necessary to get used to it, especially for security reasons. So it should be noted some recommendations to avoid unnecessary risks.

  1. Traffic intensity has been significantly reduced and, although it will gradually increase, it will remain so for a certain time. Fewer vehicles on the road is not always synonymous with greater security. Some, in such circumstances, are tempted to increase speed and be less rigorous with the rules, which can lead to obvious dangers. So nothing to relax at the handlebar, as much as it seems that with less enemies around you can let your guard down.
  2. Special attention deserves intersections, they are at an angle (crosses or incorporations) or circular (roundabouts). The laxity in its execution It is quite common when traffic is reduced, so take extreme precautions when addressing any of them it seems essential to avoid many scares … or worse.
  3. The distractions are a scourge in road accidents, especially for vulnerable groups as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. Lower traffic intensities generate that false sense of increased security that invites you to use mobile phones incorrectly. So pay close attention when driving near another vehicle that may be in someone’s hands insufficiently concentrated in your homework.
  4. During confinement there has been a seasonal change and also the works on public roads have been limited. The consequence is that, after a long winter and without too many actions on the asphalt so far this spring (despite the fact that in some places traffic limitations have been used to resurface), the condition of the road may have deteriorated by significantly. Not only because of the asphalt conditions, but also because of the presence of objects of all kinds that take longer than they should to be removed.
  5. Nature has reconquered its space in many ways, also on the roads. In some ditches vegetation invades the road and especially many animals have returned to places where before it was more complicated than they were. If you drive through areas where wildlife may have a presence it is time to sharpen your attention.
  6. We should all know by now that hygiene is one of the best formulas to combat the danger of contagion Covid-19. The protection they offer helmet and gloves perhaps they are a temptation to lend less importance to this matter, but it should not be like that. The motorcycle not a virus free object and if we take it, we must maintain all the precautions that the situation demands: wash your hands, do not touch your face and, whenever possible, disinfect all those elements they may have been in contact with other people.
  7. The last recommendation is a consequence of all of the above and could seem even free, but due to its importance, it may not be so. He national health system It is still under enormous tension, at least in some parts of the country, and complicating the situation with traffic accidents does not seem the most appropriate at the moment. It is clear that no one ever wants to fall, but to appeal to the utmost caution in these conditions Criticism becomes more enforceable than ever. Enjoying all the advantages of a motorcycle should not mean take unnecessary risks with irresponsible attitudes.

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