Several clues about upcoming MacBook Air computers

MacBook Air 2022

November 2020: this is the date on which the last MacBook Air was unveiled, almost eighteen months ago, even though the product had seen three different editions in less than a year previously, with a M1 processor for the latest. It is therefore without going too far that many assume that the device will still be revisited no later than this year, technical data in support.

Among the expert analysts on the subject, Ross Young. The leader of the firm Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) believes that the benchmark for consumer laptops will be entitled to a bigger screen with the release of its 2022 version, but without mini-LED or ProMotion. More precisely, the slab would gain 0.3 inches, thus going from 13.3″ to 13.6″. But another version, even more imposing, would also be in the boxes…

A new name?

Indeed, DSCC reports that a second MacBook Air, this time with a display of 15.2 inches is planned for next year. Its nomenclature could however change by abandoning the suffix “Air”, the information coming this time from another researcher also renowned: Ming-Chi Kuo. As for the charger, it would continue to benefit from a power of thirty watts, making it in theory compatible with the adapters of previous generations.

The computer would also arrive at the right time for the end-of-year celebrations of 2023 or Black Friday, with large-scale production starting just beforehand. Suffice to say that it will probably be a real commercial success, this period being when Apple usually generates the most revenue, whether in the United States (its most prolific market) or in Europe.

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MacBook Pro inspired

If it is not possible to know precisely the plans of Apple as it has a habit of keeping them secret, looking at the case of its latest laptops may tell us the path that the next MacBook will follow. Air. Indeed, the MacBook Pro of 2021 have also seen the surface of their screen increased. To do this, it would take crop the camera and reduce the width of the borders.

Finally, Kuo is also betting on a Tenth generation iPad with 10.9-inch diagonal instead of the current 10.2 inches. Maybe made possible in the same way?

Apple MacBook Air Retina 128 GB

Apple MacBook Air Retina 128 GB

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