Several crucial updates for your Mac are out

Big Sur

At the start of the week, version 12.4 of macOS Monterey was released, with its share of new features, including the first stable version of Universal Control or an improvement in the camera on Studio Display. With this, about fifty security failures concerning the Safari proprietary browser have been corrected by Apple.

Unfortunately, some devices like 2012 iMac or the 2015 MacBooks are not entitled to this operating system. For them, it will be necessary to be satisfied with previous editions. However, it turns out that other breaches, also particularly at risk, had not been filled in for a while. It is now done.

For Catalina

On macOS Catalina, the numbered security update 2022-004 is thus available since Monday. It corrects several problems encountered by Apache 2.4.53, as well as others potentially giving control of the computer to hackers. To this are also added patches for AppKit, AppleScript, DriverKit and the drivers of the Intel founder equipping the devices released before the arrival of the house ARM chips.

For the occasion, Apple thought of thanking some researchers having discovered these dangers. Among them, we find in particular Michael DePlante of the Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative or Yonghwi Jin of Theori.

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For macOS Big Sur

At the same time, Apple also rolled out macOS Big Sur 11.6.6 which puts an end to many identical flaws, also on the side of Wi-Fi, WebKit, software updates and print settings.

Installation procedure

As often, you are strongly advised to install one or the other of these updates if you do not wish or cannot pass under Monterey. This will save you from a possible theft of personal data or any other mishap of the same ilk.

To do this, the procedure has not changed: go to the Apple menu, then touch About This Mac and Software update. Note that the operation may take some time depending on the speed of your connection; therefore plan another machine for a good hour to avoid any delays if it is professional equipment.

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