SEVILLA I CASTRO “Sevilla will sell, but the squad may be better”

El presidente José Castro prepara para cambios en el elenco nervionense del año que viene, porque se necesita vender: "Lucharemos por la tercera plaza".

José Castro, president of Sevilla, went through the official media of the Nervión club to assess this end of the campaign in which, after qualifying for the Champions League, his team is still playing for things: “We have options to be third. We have been three quarters of the second season, no one else deserves to be at least third, although we do not depend on ourselves. We are going to fight hard for third place because it gives more prestige”.

The utrerano leader believes that it is necessary to “analyze the errors that may have occurred” before facing a busy transfer market: “No one is unaware that in recent summers we have not sold. To support the chips of this team you need to make some sale. In the last markets we did not do it, and we not only sold but also bought again (Tecatito and Martial). When there are outputs, there will also be inputs of new values ​​that give us sporting and economic performance. We always have a better squad, why won’t the next one be the same? In the end we will have a homogeneous workforce, with the capacity to continue growing. It’s what we’re looking for.”

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*Data updated as of May 17, 2022

Castro once again showed his confidence in Lopetegui: “Three excellent quarters of the season have been made. It has been an atypical and strange campaign with injuries, this last part of the season we have not played well. But the results fool no one: the team has chained three consecutive years in the Champions League with this same coach. The coach is happy, not because of the last games, but let’s not stop there, but in trying to finish third and from there, work and self-criticism for next year to do better if possible”.

Finally, he spoke about the possibility of winning LaLiga: “The illusion of LaLiga is always there, the championship It has become more homogenized, but the differences are so great that thinking about it is almost outrageous. But we fight in all areas to help the first team achieve the best, we work for it.”


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