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Another feature of iOS 16 that Apple took care to conceal during WWDC and which does not appear on the official software presentation site. This time it’s the Shazam shortcut installed in Control Center since iOS 14.2 who is concerned. This tool was added in 2020, and follows the acquisition of the music recognition system by Apple for four hundred million dollars about three years earlier.

Problem: since its inception, the shortcut synchronized not his results with the Shazam app. It was thus impossible to find them by browsing in its library of titles, which is particularly annoying on a daily basis or when trying to find a track in its history. With iOS 16, it’s now history: the shortcut and the app work together.

What changes

Even better: our test of iOS 16 showed that it is now possible to perform a long press on the Shazam shortcut in Control Center to open your history. No need, therefore, to navigate to the platform icon on your home screen or from the App Library. We do not know if mobiles under iOS 15 will also be entitled to this advantage, but it is a possibility. Indeed, it happens that Apple publishes security updates for its old OS even after the arrival of a new major version. But the additional features are still rarely part of it.

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Other hidden novelties…

Among the other very discreet novelties that appeared at the same time as the Worldwide Developer Conference at the beginning of June, we can also mention the ear scan dedicated to setting up the AirPods. This uses the TrueDepth sensor installed on the front of all iPhones equipped with Face ID, including the iPhone XR, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

With this, iOS 16 also allows you to run this same face recognition in landscape mode. To find out if your smartphone is compatible with all these changes, including the Shazam change, see our list of smartphones that can install iOS 16 this fall. It should not change by September, when the software is deployed for the general public.

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