She agreed to go out with him to pay for his meals, so she took an astonishing revenge.

She agreed to go out with him to pay for his meals, so she took an astonishing revenge.

It all begins with a boy who attends a lifeguard certification course, where he meets a girl who seems cute and pleasant. They talk, exchange numbers, and text for weeks before she accepts the first invitation to go to the movies. That first date is followed by several more to go out.

So far, nothing seems out of the ordinary, until he found out that she agreed to go out with him to pay for his meals, so he took an amazing revenge.

Identified as “redberryredberry”, the protagonist of the anecdote shared his case on Reddit. “We weren’t hanging out at home or at home even though I had hinted at the idea, until one of his friends (someone who was also on the lifeguard course and who I kept in touch with because it was great) sent me this screenshot ”:

In the conversation, the girl is questioned by her friend about her relationship with “redberryredberry”, to which she responds: “We are not actually dating, but As long as he keeps paying for everything, I’ll let him get more out of me. The girls also eat

Then the partner told her that she had done the same with other boys on other occasions, so “redberryredberry” decided to give her a cup of her own chocolate: invited her to dinner at an expensive Japanese restaurant, where dishes range from $ 20 to $ 40. Both ordered the most expensive of the place, dessert and various drinks.

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I flattered her a lot and smiled constantly, before getting up to go to the bathroom and leave. About 45 minutes later I received furious text messages from her telling me that she had to ask her mother to pay because she did not have the money and that we were done, ”she said.

This story has caused a stir in the forum, where users expressed their comments. “Congratulations on dodging the bullet,” wrote one. “Lesson learned and you got a funny story out! Not to mention a free meal, haha! ”Said another. “She could easily tell that he treated her like trash, smelled bad and left her with the bill for no reason. One lie is as easy to tell as another, “said a third.

Finally several users praised the good gesture of the friend who denounced the girl by sending the capture of their conversation.


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