She is 60 years old and 21, despite the age difference, they are already planning their wedding

Ella tiene 60 años y el 21, pese a la diferencia de edad ya planean su boda

If you thought that after 60, love could not knock on your door again, you may be very wrong, Above all because today, technology has become a very useful tool when looking to connect with someone new and with whom you can probably establish a relationship.

That was what happened to a 60 year old woman named Pam Shasteen, who is practically experiencing a “second wind” after grthanks to a app, She will find the love of a man, only this is 39 years younger than her.

According to Pam, through the Badoo app, met Jonathan Langevin, With whom he established a friendship relationship and after several weeks of talks, they decided to meet in person.

The woman never lied to Langevin about her true age, which he did not care, since She was looking for a relationship with someone older, which suited her like a glove, since she had long been attracted to young people.

“Jonathan may be decades younger, but he knew exactly what he was doing… I’m so happy that I took a chance on Jonathan. Although I lost some friends along the way, “said Pam in an interview for The Sun.

According to this medium, the couple is already planning their wedding.


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