She is almost 90 years old and managed to find love thanks to a dating app

Tiene casi 90 años y logró encontrar el amor gracias a una app de citas

It is never too late to find love … A woman of almost 90 years has become the perfect example that this popular saying comes true, sooner or later, and today you may achieve it thanks to the various dating platforms and apps that exist on the Internet.

Gene Rosen is an 87 year old woman at which, her grandchildren convinced her to open a profile on a popular dating site, they wanted to see her happy, next to a good man with whom she could share the remaining years of her life.

Faster than everyone believed, Gene managed to do match With at least 10 other dating app users but none of them interested him.

Suddenly, came to the profile of a man named Vic White, an 84-year-old man, With which he exchanged a couple of messages and unlike others, the conversations little by little began to flow, so they decided to take the next step: have a date.

Gene and Vic met for breakfast and made such a click that they agreed to two more appointments for later start a formal relationship. Incredibly, the love continued to flow to such a degree that by February, They decided to move in together and have really enjoyed the company, especially in these times of quarantine.

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