She loses $40,000 after misplacing her Apple Watch

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This is the kind of story that no one wants to live. A visitor to the famous Disney World Florida theme park has misplaced her Apple Watch between the walls of the enclosure. If already this loss is a bad thing, it is only the beginning of a barely believable story.

According to information from WDW News Today, the visitor was in “The Seas with Nemo” attraction when she lost her Apple smartwatch. Like many people around the world, this person had saved his credit cards in his watch, via the Wallet function of the Apple Watch.

A $40,000 fraud

A few minutes after the loss, and while she was in the process of declaring it to the park organization, she received several alerts of attempted fraud from her bank. As she explained in her complaint report seen by WDW News Today, she had an American Express card, with an unlimited limit.

In total, the fraud alerts reached 40,000 dollars, before the woman managed to oppose her bank to close the cards and make them unusable. For the moment we do not know much more about this story, neither the name of the victim nor the place where the money would have been spent.

If the insurance should take care of and cover the damage, the version of the victim nevertheless raises questions. Indeed, the Apple Watch as soon as they are removed from a wrist lock automatically, and you must then type a code to open the watch and access Wallet.

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Did the theft really take place?

The sheriff in charge of this case, in agreement with the bank and the insurance companies, will therefore investigate to find out if the purchases were indeed made with a stolen Apple Watch. If so, then Apple should take a much closer look at this matter, as there are only two solutions.

Either the person knew the passcode or guessed it, or, very unlikely scenario, the person had a passcode bypass system that allowed them to “break into” the Apple Watch. Such a system, which today is purely hypothetical, could give Apple’s security developers a lot of trouble, who will have to keep an eye on the rest of this investigation in the weeks to come.

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