Sherlyn reveals her son nearly suffered serious brain damage

Sherlyn revela que su hijo estuvo a punto de sufrir daño cerebral grave

The 34-year-old actress revealed that during a routine checkup, doctors detected that the umbilical cord was dying, which is why she had to go into the operating room immediately.

After the birth of her son, Sherlyn revealed that she had had some complications during delivery, however, two months later she finally shared that thanks to the prompt attention of the medical team that attended her, they managed to prevent her baby from suffering serious brain damage.

Through an interview with Who, the 34-year-old actress revealed that, during a routine check-up prior to the date of her first-born’s birth, doctors detected that her umbilical cord was dying, which is why she had to go into the operating room right away.

The day I am going to check with the doctor that everything comes in order he says to me: ‘Sher, the truth is that we already have less amniotic fluid than it should be. Let’s monitor the baby. ‘“However, the concern increased when she saw that more doctors came to take care of her. It was there that they informed her that they were losing her baby’s vital signs.

Although the artist wanted to have her baby by natural childbirth, the doctors made it clear that it could not be so due to the consequences that it could cause if she was not born Andre At that time, since oxygen was not passing correctly through the umbilical cord and the heart rate did not increase despite the time that they had already followed up.

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We went into surgery very quickly, they put the block on me, because I was conscious during André’s birth and it had to be very fast because the umbilical cord necrotized (no blood came). It was expected to come thicker, but we don’t know at what point in the last few weeks the cord started to stop working well“Revealed Sherlyn.

Thanks to the medical care she received during delivery, her baby managed to recover and according to the words of the doctor who attended her, if she had not acted in time, the story would not have been as we now know it since the consequences would have been unfortunate. , like irreversible brain damage.

After the scare, the proud mother can enjoy the development of her baby and fortunately, she has been able to take advantage of the time that the pandemic gave her, since not everything has been bad news, since she is all the time with him without any project of work prevents him, he has also managed to communicate and understand what he needs, as well as a perfect “honeymoon”.


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