should we fear a stock shortage before Christmas?


Apple is not spared by the semiconductor crisis

The end of the year holidays are approaching and many are starting to think about what gift they will give or give themselves for the occasion. Don’t wait until the last moment to rush to your Apple Store. Through a banner recently displayed on its American site, the Californian giant invites its consumers to do their Christmas shopping earlier to be sure to have more choice on the brand’s products. Indeed, when one thinks of the effects of the shortage of electronic components on the production of smartphones in the world, it is perhaps more prudent to do it in advance to avoid the shortage of stock.

A pragmatic choice between the iPad and the iPhone

According to an article published by Nikkei Asia, Apple would have taken some components for the iPad to put them on its iPhone 13, thus halving the production of its tablets. It must be said that the two models share certain electronic components. This allows the brand to interchange the equipment of its products when necessary.

According to the Taiwanese site, Apple would make the production of iPhone 13 a priority as the end of the year holidays approach. Indeed, the brand predicts an increase in requests for its iPhones compared to its tablets at a time when Western markets are starting to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, it is during the holiday season that the brand sells the most iPhones, especially the latest models. So, that makes quite a bit of sense if she makes it a priority right now.

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A tidal wave in sight?

Either way, Apple seems to want to save its customers the disappointment of a possible out of stock. However, this announcement risks causing a tidal wave in Apple stores. Especially with the figures that promise to be amazing for the fourth quarter of 2021 …

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