Should you optimize the SEO of your home page?

Should you optimize the SEO of your home page?

Each SEO referrer develops through his experience, beliefs relating to good practices to work towards the growth of a site’s visibility. It is therefore not abnormal for ideas to clash. Optimizing the SEO of your home page is one of these sujets that divide SEOs .

Some will rather consider that the Home page is a key parent page that must be optimized on a request of interest. Others will consider that the Home, which certainly can be a main gateway, is mainly there to distribute the traffic to the different silos of the site.

This is how, while browsing the web, you will find sites with almost empty home pages and, conversely, home pages that are catch-alls.

In both cases, these home pages can perform, but let’s see, within the agency, different opinions on the question.

Yes, the Home page is a page (almost) like the others

Google ranks pages, not sites! Based on this principle, I always have the reflex to optimize my home page on a specific request for the following reasons:

  • The home page is not necessarily the visitor’s entry page : I therefore prefer to provide the response to an Internet user’s search intent rather than a generic presentation of the site’s offers.
  • The home page naturally focuses a large share of “natural” backlinks : It therefore has an authority that allows it to rank more easily, especially on a competitive request. In addition, on some SERPs, it is sometimes impossible to rank with anything other than a homepage (CF “CBD” a few weeks ago).
  • It has a higher page rank: This tendency to receive backlinks naturally gives it a high page rank which allows it to redistribute juice to our main category pages; it is therefore better to thematize your home page by making it the head of a silo.
  • A naturally optimized internal network : The home, through the menu and/or the Ariadne’s thread, is often the page that benefits from the most complete internal linking. It is therefore quite simple to optimize its internal anchors to stick to the targeted expression.
  • I always integrate the home page into a Netlinking strategy : In order to naturalize a link acquisition strategy, I always tend to integrate the homepage into the destination URLs of a netlinking campaign; we know the weight of the exact anchors so why deprive ourselves of the potential of a page to rank on a specific word instead of being satisfied with its brand?

No, the Home page is not a page like the others

Unlike the other pages of a site, there is only one home page, it is unique and must therefore be treated as such. It can manage to position itself on keywords, but this does not have to be the subject of a specific optimization. We are going to keep the “natural” aspect of our homepage and let Google decide what to do with it.

  • A home page serves as a landing page in many cases : Google my business link, newsletter, brand query, user sharing, it must therefore be neutral in its positioning so as not to lose a potential lead in the rest of its visit. Trying to position your homepage on a product amounts to removing visibility for the rest of your site since the titles, texts etc. will be optimized for an exact keyword. Only desired SEO position of a homepage = the brand
  • Unless there is a single-product/single-reference site, optimizing a home page will serve the other products / categories on their visibility/sales via direct traffic (since the home page is often the first page visited). The user arrives on the home and thinks not to find the product he is looking for since it is 100% oriented towards another keyword.
  • An ideal springboard : Rather than serving as a private landing strip for a keyword, the home page should be used as a springboard. It has a higher page rank, but also a visibility of choice to highlight products or CTAs. Without specific optimization, these can therefore change regularly without affecting your positioning. (ex: destocking of a product, change of strategy). This allows you to react quickly when an opportunity arises.
  • In the case of a change of strategy for X or Y reason, redirecting a homepage can be a valuable operation. (ex: I optimize my page on “cbd flower”. The state prohibits its sale: the main page of my site is now positioned on a “prohibited” keyword)
  • Many child pages = a draft internal mesh depending on the quantity of product. Indeed, in the case of a generalist with a flagship product, the home page will have a feedback of very many products which can be totally different and confuse the tracks of comprehension on the side of google.

Conclusion: Should I Optimize My Home Page

As with any SEO answer, we’ll use the infamous: “it depends on the context”.

Indeed, some ultra-competitive SERPs will require optimization of your homepage to obtain results quickly. This situation is moreover preferable for a short-medium term strategy in which your brand is not an axis of your strategy: The user comes for a specific product, I give him what he is looking for as quickly as possible. It can be likened to a foot-in-the-door strategy.

In the case of a long-term and natural strategy this time, keeping a neutral home page will allow you to manage your strategy and be able to adapt it according to your market, but also to offer a more classic and pleasant landing page. , leaving the choice of its orientation to the user.

Finally, do not hesitate to look at the SERP of your MC, whether or not google positions homepages on this keywords, and if these are optimized, this will already give you valuable information on the strategy to adopt.

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