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The first reflex of Internet users when they seek information on a service, a product or a brand is to go on the Internet to launch a search. However, a third of companies in France do not have a website. Having your showcase site therefore offers you a considerable advantage over the entire mass of non-digitalized companies.

However, creating a showcase site requires technical skills and it is not easy to know how to proceed. In this article, you will find out why and how to create your showcase site without touching the code.

A showcase site, what for?

In our time, having a website is more than a necessity. Whether it is a micro-enterprise or a very large enterprise, digital communication and internet presence thanks to a website are essential. This offers you many advantages, whatever the sector of activity:

  • A showcase site is a guarantee of seriousness, professionalism and expertise.
  • Your showcase site is your online business card accessible 24/7.
  • This promotes word of mouth since your customers can quickly share your contact details.
  • You decide what content you share according to your desires and your goals.

Thanks to the many web pages that make up this type of website, you have the possibility of promote your company and highlight products and services as well as your projects and events. In addition to offering it great visibility, your showcase site will bring more credibility to your business and will bring you even closer to your customers and prospects.

However, a showcase website should not be confused with a One Page site which brings together all the elements of the showcase website on the same page by adding calls to action.

Why use WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) turnkey and completely free with which you can create your website without coding (html, css, etc.). Over 41% of all websites on the web were created using this website creation software, which represents more than 60% of the market occupied by CMS.

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It is quite simply one of the best tools for creating a site tailored to your business. By using WordPress, you will also be able to take advantage of its new features that make your life easier. He proposes :

  • a responsive interface;
  • creation in complete autonomy;
  • rapid learning;
  • scalable maintenance;
  • the possibility of personalizing, administering, boosting your site and optimizing its referencing with plug-ins.

Create your own showcase site

Let’s be clear from the start: building an effective site with WordPress doesn’t happen in three clicks. However, if you have the time, the motivation and the patience to learn, WordPress puts all the tools at your disposal to create your 100% functional showcase site. Here are the key steps to get there.

The host and the domain name

The first step to creating your showcase site with WordPress is to choose the domain name of your site and the web host on which it will be installed.

The domain name is the address of your showcase site. You can personalize it with your company or brand name for easy identification and include keywords for SEO. You can choose between several names such as: .fr, .com, .net, etc.

The web host can be a dedicated server or a shared server. You will be spoiled for choice, but make sure that the services offered by your host ensure that your showcase website works.

Install WordPress

To be usable, WordPress must be installed on your hosting site. This can last in 2 hours and 24 hours depending on your skills, your web hosting and the quality of your connection. Once the installation is complete, you can go to the WordPress interface and immediately start building your showcase site.

Choose a theme

WordPress offers many templates with which you can decide the graphics of your showcase site. These bring style to the interface of your site and define your universe. The choice of theme is therefore of paramount importance. You can take a tour of popular sites to get a feel for the theme you need.

Click on “Appearances »Then on«themes In your dashboard. Then make your choice by clicking on “Add“. There are many free themes available on WordPress, but others are chargeable. A good tip is to refer to the number of stars and the number of installations for each theme to get an idea of ​​the level of difficulty to make their settings.

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Add your website pages and menu

The creation and management of pages is the central point of the creation of your showcase website. In the “Dashboard», Delete the installed pages to better understand what you are doing. You have the choice between two types of pages:

Manageable articles in the “Articles” tabthat appear on your site’s blog. The blog is useful for providing information and covering the research fields of Internet users. But this is not an obligation. Click on “add” to create your articles and organize them in the “Categories” tab.

Fixed pages manageable in the “Pages” tabthat appear in your menu. They are used to promote your business. Add the pages of your showcase site and leave them empty while you configure the structure of your site. The basic structure of a showcase site generally includes the following pages:

  • Home
  • Services
  • Achievements
  • Blog
  • Contact form

Write the content of your showcase site

You have created web pages, it remains to fill them with content so that they are alive and useful. WordPress offers a default page editor, but you can install Elementor to make it easier. The tool allows you to change the size, typography, background, colors and more. Here are some rules to follow:

  • Add original, structured and rich content.
  • Organize your content around a search intent or keyword
  • Add visuals (images and videos) to illustrate your pages in order to improve the user experience and the “time on site”.
  • Add call to action buttons

Think mobile first

91% of Internet users will consult your showcase site from a mobile phone. You have to give great importance to its appearance and the UX design on a mobile interface. WordPress offers options to configure this. You will find them at the very bottom of the menu. Your site will be displayed in a mobile version so that you can make any corrections.

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Install essential plugins

Some plugins available on WordPress will be of great use to you to customize, manage, optimize and even protect your showcase site. Among the most popular we can mention:

  • Contact form 7 to add a contact form to your contact page.
  • Mailchimp to set up and manage your newsletter.
  • Yoast SEO to manage the tags and titles of your articles and improve your SEO natural referencing.
  • Imagify to optimize your images.
  • Google XML sitemaps to create a sitemap.

If you have passed all the previous steps, then you have just created your showcase site. Do not forget to put your logo in the tab and take the steps to obtain an SSL certificate in order to gain credibility. Also consider keeping your site secure against malware.

Use a web agency for your showcase site

Creating your own site with WordPress is not necessarily easy when you do not have any technical knowledge. In addition, this is only the first step to benefit from the advantages of a showcase site. You will also need to put in place web marketing strategies and ways to make your site appear in Google’s SERPs, attract visitors and encourage them to:

  • Spend time on your site
  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Contact you
  • Make an appointment
  • Request a quote, etc.

All of this requires knowledge that you don’t necessarily have and that will take you a long time to acquire. Note also that the result generally has nothing to do with the work of a professional. This is why most companies turn to a digital agency to create their showcase website.

A web agency brings together experts capable of creating a high-performance showcase site that sets you apart from your competitors by its design and its features. How to find the best agency for the creation of your showcase site? The right solution is to request a quote from several agencies. Then take the time to study and compare the quotes submitted to you in order to make the most suitable choice for your business.

Have you created your showcase site with WordPress? How did you do it? Feel free to share it with us in the comments.

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